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(All workshops area adaptable and sensitive to the beliefs and values of both the Christian/Catholic School system AND the Public school system)

Relevant Youth Issues:
Bullying-such a prevalent issue that kids and youth face in todays society. Some bullying is blatant, unfortunately most, goes unnoticed by teachers and adults. Whether it is cyber-bullying or face to face, bullying is killing our kids. It is killing self-image, and in many cases is the root of suicide.
This workshop helps kids to understand the effects of bullying on the victim, offers coping skills, as well as offers some insight into the perpetrator and possible reasons for the behavior.
Self-esteem issues: So many young girls especially, but boys included, are dealing with low self-esteem issues. This workshop explores some of the reasons behind, and some of the ways to identify self-esteem issues. By making kids aware, this workshop can also offer kids a place to start a healing process.
Divorce and Abandonment: The majority of youth in our society have been directly or indirectly affected by divorce. Because it is so prevalent in our society, the grief, loss, andsense of abandonment that occur in kids and youth, as aresult of divorce, often go unnoticed or neglected. This workshop seeks to help youth understand the divorce process, make them aware of some of the emotions that may be experienced, and give them some suggestions for dealing with their struggles.
Self-harm & suicide: One of the greatest tragedies that youth face today is the feeling that they have to hide thepain they are feeling inside. Many feel that they don’t have a place to go for help, they feel alone. A lot of kids have turned to self-injury as a means to temporarily escape the pain, and if left unnoticed or untreated, this can also lead to suicide. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death amongst teens in North America. This workshop brings an awareness and understanding about self-harm that allows kids to know they are not alone. It also serves to offer some coping skills and suggestions to kids for a plan to health.
Substance abuse: Many teens who turn to substance abuse, develop this as a coping mechanism to cover up deep hurts, or follow in familial patterns that have already been set. This workshop discusses symptoms, helps teens to understand their behavior choices, and teaches alternatives that can help to keep teens drug and alcohol free.

Sexual harassment and abuse: Sexual assault is broadly defined as any sexual act which is forced upon a person against their will. It is believed that over half of sexual assaults happen to girls under the age of 18 yrs old, and many of those are girls under the age of 12 yrs. The emotional effects of sexual assault can last a lifetime. This workshop serves to bring theses factors to awareness and offer help and resources to teens who have experienced or know someone who has experienced this kind of trauma.

Teen pregnancy/adoption/abortion: Teen pregnancy is such an overwhelming issue in our society today. The effects of teen pregnancy, and abortion leave deep emotional, mental, and psychological scars for young women and young men. This workshop is designed to bring an educational awareness to these issues and help both young men and women understand the long-term effects of short-term choices. The use of sexual protection is encouraged and educational resources to help understand these issues provided.

Teen Emotions (Grief & loss; Hurt & Anger): Often youth are overwhelmed with hard circumstances and experiences. Often they have a difficult time even identifying how they are feeling, let alone understanding why they are feeling the way that they are. This workshop helps youth to understand their emotions, the possible reasons behind them, and then helps them begin to learn how to cope with difficult emotions.
Character building: It seems that the race for greed, possessions, and titles have taken over from the idea of ‘loving our neighbor as ourselves, giving, selflessness, and the common good. This workshop is designed to help youth become aware of the building blocks of character, morals, values, and what it means to function in a manner that puts others first. This workshop talks about using the difficult experiences in your life to build your character in a positive way rather than allowing those circumstances to rule you in a negative way.  
A Christian perspective: (for a Christian school curriculum)
Faith: Growing the kind of faith that allows you to trust God with every area of your life. This workshop challenges youth to desire and grow this kind of faith in their ownlives. It challenges youth to think deeply about the purpose that God has for them, and to plan their future with that purpose in mind.
Spiritual gifts: This workshop helps youth to become aware of some of the gifting’s that God has given them and how to use those gifting’s to affect the world around them and to fulfill the purpose that God has for them.