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Jan. 15, 2017

Healing miracle!

Bruce had a healing experience the other night that we really need to share with you! 

A few nights ago, the Lord woke him up out of a dead sleep. (which is a miracle in itself!! haha) He said had an involuntary and overwhelming feeling to stretch his body from head to toe. So he stretched as big and long as he could, and he said all of a sudden from between his shoulder blades up towards his neck, his vertebrae cracked about 10 times upwards. He said as he laid there feeling the relief from things that were 'out of place'…it was like someone just popped a cork into the base of his head and he felt a rush of blood and oxygen into his head. He said he was alert enough that he could feel a complete 'clearing' of his head!!! He has not had one sharp pain or headache through his head since this happened!!!! Praise you God…our amazing Healer! 

I wanted to wait until Bruce's doctor appt. yesterday to make sure I could say, with all honesty, that he has been cleared of everything! Yesterday the doctor said he is incredible shape for his age!!!  

The best part is…that Bruce was able to share the story of how God healed him in the middle of the night with the Doctor! Who wasn't quite sure how to respond…but was certainly happy to hear and see the results! 

God is sooooo good! And thank you for your prayers! 

And for all the advice to see a chiropractor! It seems you were right! 

Bruce saw the best one available!! 






Jan. 9/17

Just a quick update with some very exciting news!

Firstly, there has been nothing new regarding Bruce’s health. He had an appointment on the 6th which basically resulted in no new answers. The Doctor said everything seems clear, so we need to try and figure out if there is anything internal that we can’t see! He has another appointment on the 13th and then possibly will be referred to a specialist. Since we sent out the original prayer request, however, his symptoms have subsided substantially, though not completely! He still if having shooting pains in his head and an overall feeling of not feeling right in the head…yet it is much less frequently!  (I could make a joke here…but I won’t!) We have had many responses to encourage us to consider seeing a chiropractor…so we are praying about that!


When we were in Cape Breton, we had many prophetic people speak over us that 2017 would be the season of reaping for us! Reaping of all of our prayers, obedience, and following the Lord from our last season!

On Jan. 4 we received a call from a movie producer that Bruce had written a song for years ago…before we even had left our home in Taber! The movie is an independent film and is set to be released in February 2017. The producers have been on tour with the movie, promoting it at film festivals for the past year, and it has won many awards! The consistent feedback that has come in from the reviews, is that people LOVE the soundtrack…especially Bruce’s song!!!!! In fact they love it so much that a private investor has come forth to make the soundtrack into a CD! AND THEY WANT BRUCE’S SONG TO BE THE SINGLE!!

We have been invited to Florida in February (all expenses paid) for the movie premiere! There are 5 premiere showings in 5 different Florida cities and they also want Bruce to do some radio shows! (Oh my goodness…what to wear!!?? YIKES!)

In addition, they have asked Bruce (and I, when possible) to go on tour to promote the soundtrack/movie AND TO SHARE OUR FAITH! They want us to use this opportunity to continue doing what we do with our Tree of Life mission work because they love what we do and they love our faith! This is totally the LORDS orchestrating and His blessings! When the producer asked us to go on tour to promote the soundtrack/movie His words to Bruce were “We want to make the world a better place and we want you to share your faith as you tour, and inspire the world to HOPE and TRUST!!”

AND THEN…..on top of all this….we had a call yesterday morning and now Bruce has become a signed artist with a recording label!!!  WHOA!!!

The name of the movie is A YEAR BY THE SEA.

And Bruce’s song title is WALK ON FAITH.

So all of this in the first 8 days of the year!!! Let the reaping begin! Thank you Jesus!

We are beyond excited for what God has for us in this new season…Please pray for us…even more now than ever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers!

We will update as soon as we know more about Bruce’s health.

And we will be updating as we embark on this new journey!

Oh Jesus is so good!

Bruce and Bonnie






Dec. 22, 2016

I wanted to send out a quick prayer request for Bruce's health. 

Since we have arrived back in Saskatchewan at the beginning of Nov. he has been complaining that his 'head just doesn't feel right'. Progressively over the last month he has been experiencing sharp shooting pains through his head that last anywhere from 2-5 seconds. In the past few days these pains have increased in frequency, to the point where they are happening all through the day. He is also experiencing a lot of dizziness and when he has the pains, it seems to zap him of energy, so by the end of the day he is fairly exhausted. 

We spent the evening (until 1 am) in the emergency room two nights ago, where they did all his blood tests, to check for clotting. Then we were asked to come back at 7:30 am for a CT scan to check for tumors. CT scan was CLEAR!! Thank you Jesus! So as far as we can tell there are no tumors, no clots, and no bleeds. But we also have no answers! 

His pains are persistent, and we cannot get in to see a doctor now until Jan. 6 to do more investigating. 

Please pray for his health and that we will find answers soon. 

Also, please pray for his strength to come back. We are thankful to be in an apartment now for a time, but our rental contract is dependent upon Bruce cutting a certain number of cords of firewood per month…which he will need his strength for!! 

Thank you for your prayers. 







Nov. 9, 2016

“And they will come from East and West and from North and South, and will recline at the table in the Kingdom of God.” Luke 13:29

We have been from East to West in this season of ministry and the only way this has been possible is because of the faithfulness of God!!

We have arrived back in Saskatchewan and happy to see that our Rylee is absolutely thriving and flourishing at school! At parent teacher interviews last week, the words we heard repeatedly were ‘brilliant’; ‘incredible work ethic’; and ‘very well-adjusted’! A 92% average for a young girl who just skipped from Gr. 8 homeschool into Gr.10…yeah no biggie!! We are very pleased, excited, and thankful for this season for her, where she is boarding with good friends of ours, making new friends, and just blossoming!!

As you may know, our transmission decided it was finished while we were in Cape Breton…and of course, we know that it was all in God’s plans!! Orchestrating details of our situation…the way ONLY GOD could have orchestrated…we have been given a family (of believers) in Cape Breton who have just poured 6 weeks of their lives into us because…in their words, “God has sent you to us, and we need to do whatever He is asking us to do to care for you, to disciple you, and to help guide you into your next season of ministry.” It was almost like being at spiritual grad school!! Very intense! Very incredible!!! God has blown our minds repeatedly in the last three years…and this one is tops them all!!! If there is anyone on this earth that we have encountered who live out and demonstrate the love of Christ to others…it is our new Cape Breton family! How is it that God would deliberately and very intentionally orchestrate for our lives to come together, and for Bruce and I to be ‘taken in under their wing’ ALL THE WAY OUT IN Cape Breton!!!?? Wow! You know how it feels when someone you love does something for you…like something really big, to make you feel really special and loved? Well Bruce and I just feel so incredibly loved by God after our Eastern Canada trip…that He would set all that up…just for us. We have returned from Eastern Canada changed people; humbled; filled with peace; absolutely built up in our faith; assured in our call; and confident in the Lord’s love for us. It has been deeply enriching, refreshing, and a time of great favor for us, which we do not take for granted!!!

So how did we get home from Cape Breton you ask? Not only did our Cape Breton family care for us out of obedience to the Lord, but they told us that they believed that in the days of the early church, when disciples would come to their town, it was the family that God chose to host those disciples responsibility, not only to care for those disciples, but to get them to their next destination. So they flew us (and stitch) to Winnipeg so that we could fulfill our speaking engagement in Kenora, ON. on Oct. 29!!!

Our dear friends from Kenora, whose church we were speaking at, picked us up at the airport in Winnipeg!! We stayed with them for almost a week, and again were well taken care of and feel so blessed to have family in Ontario as well!! As we were waiting for the Lords direction, a young couple that we had encountered in our time in Kenora, felt the Lord asking them to offer us their second vehicle to use until next spring! So we waited for God to confirm this, open the doors that needed to be opened, and then we were on our way…arriving just in time for parent teacher interviews, which we were hoping to attend! And that is how we got home!!

What is next for us, is the million dollar question! The Lord has made it very clear to us that He is bringing us into a quiet season. It is to be a time of intercession, and a time of reaping the seeds that we have sown in the last season. We are believing for God to provide us a Western Canada home-base, in Saskatchewan, where Rylee is attending high school. We will serve as missionaries here, as the Lord leads. But for now, God has said “Be still.” We are not quite sure what that looks like just yet but I anticipate along with a time of intercession, I will be writing my second book…an account of our last three years of our faith journey. For Bruce, it will likely involve music! Ha! He has also felt very called to a deeper level of PRAISE and worship! Serving as missionaries is, and will always be our lifelong call. We will always go out on tours as the Lord leads, but for a time such as this…we are to “be still”….until further notice!

As far as Cape Breton, there is a lot of vision for the spiritual growth of Cape Breton, of which we have been asked to be a part of. By God’s grace, we have been ‘grafted’ in to what God is doing in Cape Breton. We are both excited and humbled! Our intention is to spend a number of months each year in Cape Breton, and we, Tree of Life-Hope Foundation, will use it as our Eastern Canada home base!

Do you recall our call to Nipawin, Sk. in April 2015, and the reason that the Lord had called us was so that we could serve as missionaries to the family whose daughter and grandchildren had been murdered? This weekend, Nov. 12, the sister of the young woman who was murdered is getting married!!!! They have asked me to officiate the wedding, and Bruce to do the music. They have also asked us to give a speech at the wedding to honor the bride and groom. We are so very honored to be doing this for this family and our church family in Nipawin is helping us to make it possible for us to bless them!! PLEASE PRAY FOR PEACE OVER THIS FAMILY THIS WEEKEND AND FOR CONTINUED HEALING FOR THEM! Latasha would have been her sister’s matron of honor on Saturday. Thank you for your prayers.

God bless each of you! We are so thankful for our prayer teams, your encouragements, the way many of you cheer us on and support us, and most deeply for your intercessions.

Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce and Bonnie

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation





Oct. 13/16

Greetings from Cape Breton!

“Call to me, and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jer 33:3

We finally have power this afternoon, after hurricane Matthew wiped us out since last Monday! It has been an adventure and we can now say that we survived a hurricane!! We are LOVING Cape Breton and I am feeling such a connection to my Scottish roots…that I have started doing some research on my genealogy from Scotland! Maybe a trip to Scotland is in our near future! Ha!

It has been 24 days since we arrived on Cape Breton Island! And 22 days that we have been on the most incredible journey of ‘training ground’ for our next season of ministry!

The people who own this retreat center, keep saying to us, “We know that one thing is very clear, the Lord has sent you here, and you need to be free to learn what ever you need to learn while you are here to prepare you for your next season of ministry!” It feels in a sense like Bruce and I are in this cocoon preparing for a re-birth into a new phase of ministry, even though we have no idea what that looks like. It has been mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting- if that makes any sense at all because we don’t really feel like we have been doing anything except prayer, fasting, worship, house-cleaning (in our hearts), and having mentoring sessions with our new friends! (who very much now feel like a true brother and sister!!) Yet, at the same time it feels like we are drinking out of a fire hydrant!!

It has been so incredibly encouraging and empowering for us to feel so well taken care of! When we first came, they said, “This is what God has shown us: It’s like you two have just come out of this incredible season of battle (YA THINK!!??) and we just had this picture of the two of you, running for the gates before it closes! You were like running and sliding under the gate for sanctuary! And now you are here, and can rest in the Lord because He wants to lavish on you while He prepares for what is next!” WOW!

One of the most humbling things that has encouraged us in our time here is how intentional they are in building us up in each of our gifts. Bruce has been given free reign of the worship hall here at the retreat center…which is an amazing place! And the guys are always giving us girls a ribbing because we are so much alike, just like sisters. Richard says, our giftings, our personalities, even our strengths and weaknesses are so similar that it is awing to him how much I remind him of her 20 years ago. It is so fun for me! I have always wanted a sister…and it’s like the Lord has given me one who knows and loves me for all of my strengths and weaknesses, and who is much more seasoned in her gifts and is teaching me in the most powerful yet gentle way! I haven’t laughed so much in the last two years as I have in the last two weeks!! And it actually seems crazy that we have only known each other for a few weeks because it feels like an entire lifetime!

Another encouragement that we have received them is that they have said to us in one of our meetings, “We have mentored a lot of people, and spoken into the lives of many people and the one thing that we see in you guys, is your willingness to obey…no matter what.”

So we are learning to receive what the Lord has for us here. To be honest, yesterday while I was praying, and putting on my armor like I usually do before I pray, the Lord said, “You don’t need your armor on here, hang it back up and come sit with me. There is a time for battle, and a time for just resting in my presence.” And He gave me this picture of David coming in from battle, hanging up his armor, and sitting down at the table to rest and feast. I can’t even express how amazed we are that the Lord would send us ALL this way, to find rest in Him. And we are so thankful that our friends are people who are so in tune with the Holy Spirit, and so full of His love and grace, that they know, they are called to care for us, and allow us to ‘just be with Him’ in this time!

As for our truck, this is the verdict:

We have the best transmission specialist in Cape Breton working on our truck. He is honest, and very gifted! He has found two transmissions to replace ours, neither of which were any good. He also has told us that he will not rebuild ours because even if he does, and charges us $2000.00 (plus) to do it, we may only get 50 miles down the road before it dies, and he won’t do that to us. So after much prayer, we have made the decision to let our truck go to salvage for parts.

Many prophetic people have spoken over us in our time here and invariably, EVERY person who has come here has told us that they believe this is God’s way of asking us if we would be willing to ‘let go of the old’ in regards to our truck…AND OUR MINISTRY… and allow Him to prepare us for the new season. Each have assured us that when the Lord’s time to release us from here, comes, so will He provide something new. So we trust!

We don’t know when the Lord will release us from here, but we do feel that we have both been welcomed ‘into the family’ here and we know these are lifelong friendships that we have established here. We are so full of joy and thanksgiving for that! Thank you for your prayers! 

Please pray for our trust and faith for ALL the details of our trip home! And please pray for our time of preparation while we are still here!

Blessings in Jesus!

Bruce and Bonnie Rawling              

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation






Sept. 2016

Sydney, Nova Scotia!!!

September 2016

Where do I begin! God is so so so amazing and so so so awesome!  We are so thankful that we get to do this thing called life and faith with Him at the helm!!! We would like to share some of our stories with you, and hope that they strengthen your faith!!

Firstly, we had wanted to share with you our last update from our Attiwapiskat trip in July, but our email got hacked at the end of July and we lost our entire prayer teams and all of our contacts!! So it has taken this long, and working with a computer hacking expert, for us to rebuild our teams! We literally lost all of our contacts and had to search through old Tree of Life emails to replace everything.

I don’t exactly know how people ‘hack’ into things but we have now found out that it can be detrimental! It has taken us two months to rebuild our teams...and it hasn’t been fun! If you have opened strange emails from us, please protect yourselves and change all of your passwords for email, banking, etc.

Moving on...a brief summary of the rest of our summer:

After we returned from our amazing trip to Attawapiskat, we were at a family camp with Rylee for 10 days, and then off to speaking at a senior high camp at Bethel Bible Camp at Meadow Lake, Sask. for a week. And what an amazing week it was!! There were many kids who laid down alot of hurt and pain...and found healing in the arms of Jesus! Praise God! Our last week of the summer, we got to spend with Rylee, on a beautiful lake in Sask. kayaking, canoeing, swimming, picking wild blueberries, and just relaxing, enjoying some quality family time!!!

At the end of August, we took Rylee to where she will be attending a private Christian High School! She is such a brilliant kid, with high nineties average, at the end of her grade 8 homeschool. So when we were trying to determine where she fit into the public school curriculum, the principal had her write all the grade 9 finals on the spot, without warning or time to study. She passed the math and English with flying colors...but had some gaps in Science. Seeing as she wants to be a veterinarian, gaps in science are not a good thing! So basically she has been promoted to grade 10, but has to take Grade 9 Science and Social Studies in the first semester! She had her first grade 10 math test last week and got 93% so I’m quite confident that she will do great! She is boarding in a good Christian home, with good friends of ours, and so really, the only ones struggling here, are mom and dad!!!! We miss her dearly, but the Lord has called us to the Maritimes for a short time, and we knew we had to be obedient to that call.

So as most of you know we have been praying for many months about our bus. The Lord has been saying to us that ‘the season of the bus is over.’ And so we have been trying to discern what that is supposed to look like. Anyhow, at the end of August, the Lord made it very clear to us that we were to give our bus away to a ministry that we had recently come to learn of.  The Lords instructions were that “We were to give it away, no strings attached.” So, August 30th was the day that we received the bus from the Lord, exactly 3 years ago, for my birthday! August 30, 2016, for my birthday, we gave our bus away to Battle River Ranch Camp/Crossman Ministries in Lloydminster, Sk.! (check them out…they do incredible Kingdom work!)

For many months now, God has also been speaking clearly to us about doing a Maritimes tour in the fall. So, now, without a bus, we have had to trust the Lord for how we were to even do that. But we knew that He would provide what He knew we needed for the trip.


So two weeks before we were scheduled to leave for the Maritimes, we had a Ford Explorer donated to Tree of Life-Hope Foundation...along with a plug-in cooler. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I told the Lord, I NEED to have a full kitchen to cook in as we travel!!! Ha Ha!! Not only that, but the transmission in the Explorer was very delicate! (It is a 2003 Explorer for all of you mechanics...that will explain everything!!) BUT this is what the Lord provided...and we trusted the people that gave us the truck, as well as the Lord...and we all agreed that this was the Lords will...and He would make the transmission go or die according to His will! In addition to that, a few days before we left, we had an incredible donation to Tree of Life that we knew would help get us out to the Maritimes, and cover alot of repairs if we needed. So that...actually was what gave us the confidence to go!

Sept. 13 we set out for the Maritimes! Bruce had built a ‘shelf’ in the back of the Explorer for our luggage, and so the back of the truck was one big bed, we had our cooler, some dry goods, and we hit the road! It took us 8 days to get out to Nova Scotia, with a few stops, and one breakdown (the alternator). But our goal was to surprise Jardeth and Denai (our daughter and son-in-law) in Sydney Nova Scotia on the 20th of September because they were out here on tour with Jardeth’s family (Canada’s Double Portion).

We managed to surprise them...but missed their concert! Anyhow, they were in a rush to catch the ferry to NFLD to get to their next concert, and so we said our goodbyes. Bruce and I drove down to the harbor front street in North Sydney to find some supper, and RIGHT THERE, A FEW BLOCKS FROM THE FERRY TERMINAL OUR TRANSMISSION DIED!!!

In situations like that, its pretty hard not to panic, doubt, and become discouraged...all of which, I am ashamed to say, we did! BUT OH...THE LORD IS SOOOO GOOD TO US!!

That night we made the best of it, and unpacked our table, cooler, and food bags and had ourselves a nice little picnic along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and tried not to be overcome with discouragement! We slept in the truck and in the morning, walked down to the marina docks for coffee and devotions to see what directions the Lord had for us. Four times in our time on the dock, we were referred to the garage on Harbor Street because the mechanic was a racecar driver who specialized in rebuilding transmissions for 40 years. Incidentally, it was right in front of this same garage where the transmission first quit as we drove by the night before...and we limped the truck another block to get out of the way of traffic!! So that was pretty clear for us...if anyone can fix is this guy! He is the most qualified in Cape Breton! (funny how God always does this for us!)

WAIT FOR IT!!.......

We stayed in a B&B the second night because we thought we would likely be on our way the next day and having a shower was a good thing! we would find out the next day, that the transmission was not going to be an easy fix. As we realized that we were going to be stranded here for at least a week...we started phoning local churches to see if there was anyone we could stay with. We were starting to feel a little like God had forsaken us, and we were foolish, homeless, beggars because not a single door was opening...except one. It only takes one!!

We had met a pastor the night of the concert, so we called him, and he was more that willing to help us out! He had just been at a meeting that day and had heard that a local retreat center was hosting a program for abused women, and women who had been rescued from the street. It was starting in the next few days and he thought this could be a great fit for our ministry. So on our behalf, he phoned the couple that own the retreat center and told them about us. They prayed and felt very strongly that Bruce and I were to be here.  So we have been at this private retreat center for 3 days now trying to figure out how we fit, and what God has for us here! AND WE ARE HAVING OUR MINDS BLOWN!!!!

So after being here as guests for three days, we have now been officially ‘adopted’ into the family here, and we are still trying to wrap our brains around how incredible God is to us!! When we first arrived the owners told us that they felt we needed just to take some time to rest and they would take a few days to pray because they needed to discern the purposes that God brought us here. During those first few days, a prophetic couple from Halifax ‘just happened’ to come for a visit, and they spoke a mighty word of prophesy over us about the season that we are about to enter. The next night, the couple that owns this retreat center, asked us if we would come down to the their ‘cabin’ for breakfast.  (by ‘cabin’ I mean a breath-taking modest size cabin on the waterfront of an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean!!)

Since our meeting, I think we have yet to fully realize the gift that God has given us but we are realizing that our truck breaking down in North Sydney was plain and simply the will of the almighty God who is sovereign over ALL!

After our breakfast, we are beginning to get a picture of the immensity of our purpose for being here, in the Maritimes for such a time as this! This couple...who own this private (and unbelievably amazing) retreat centre on the shores of Cape Breton, are also very prophetic and we have learned that they ‘just happen’ to be the couple who have been instrumental mentors and friends of some very famous people who are presently in ministry!! They have been praying since we have arrived, and asking the Lord what to do with this couple whom He has sent to them!!  Long story short...they have invited us to stay here for as long as need be, but for sure until Mid-October so that they can have the time that they want, and feel that they need, to mentor us, like Spiritual parents, and prepare us for the season that the Lord is bringing us into!!!! WHOA!!!! WHAAAAAT!!!!????

This afternoon, our heads our spinning, and we are trying to come out of ‘pour out’ mode, and into ‘receive’ mode for a few weeks.  We are completely blown away because this is certainly NOT what we had in mind when God asked us to come all the way to the Maritimes!! But we are thanking Jesus!!  WOW WOW WOW!!! Please pray for our time here, that we would learn what we need to learn in our time here.

As for our truck, it is not looking very promising. The mechanic has informed us that a re-build is a waste of time and money, and the only transmission that he has been able to find (it has to be a 2002 or 03) is not good. We are believing for a miracle...which may mean a new vehicle! Meanwhile our truck remains incapacitated! Please pray for a miracle for us!

Thank you prayer team for standing behind us and covering us with prayer! Pray for our time here...we are definitely in God’s hands!

Also, please pray for Rylee as she has many adjustments to make, though she seems to have adjusted well under the pressure of it all. Pray for me...I miss tucking her in every night.

Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce and Bonnie

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation




July 22/16

Day 12 in Attawapiskat!

“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephes 5:20

Hey Prayer team,

An update today to keep you encouraged in the faithfulness of our God!

We continue to be very blessed by God and the people of Attawapiskat! Since our last letter to you, we have experienced much!

Firstly, I must just tell you how very cared for that we feel from God, Our Father. After being in this community for this many days, we have learned a thing or two about the availability of housing here...we knew before arriving that it was very limited. But we have learned from being here, having company, and talking to people in the community, not only did God give us a completely furnished apartment...but it is the nicest possible place in town...with the best view of the river!!! Oh how good Our Father is to us!! Even Father Arinze who hasn’t really spent any amount of time in our apartment before we came, has said he is going to use this space for his personal devotion time after we leave because it is so beautiful!! We even saw a beluga whale the other day, which happens here, but is a rarity!! 

Last Friday, we were invited to a b’day party for an elder in the community where the music poured out for hours! We were also asked to pray blessing over the elder, her family, and the home. This is quite an honor to be given and we thank God for His presence! We prayed for healing over her from her experiences as a little girl in residential school...and judging from the tears in the room...we believe God has brought much healing to this entire family!

Last Sat. we were given a tour of ‘potato island!’ There are many small islands that are spaced out along the Attawapiskat River, near the mouth of James Bay. On one of them, a family from Attawpiskat has farmed for many years, which was a tradition that was first brought to the reserve from the early missionaries. This family, the Hookimoaw’s are the only family that have carried on the farming tradition. It was a real honor for the family to show this to us, and I even got some of my gardening fix filled as we weeded the potato rows!

We have been to the hospital and in and around the community every day this past week and have had much interaction with many in the community.  We have been in many homes, praying with families, and we have been involved in almost every mass at the Catholic church. We are widely known and accepted in town as the ‘missionaries who God sent.’ Though, God is also giving us thick skin to stay strong and discernment to interecede when we are met with people who don’t particularly want God or his people anywhere around!

One of the roles that God has placed us in this week, has been to be a support, a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, and prayer partner, for many of the support staff here in Attawapiskat! We have met many of the nurses, doctors, mental health workers, and youth workers. God has especially put in our path and on our hearts, the young girl who is in charge of the counselling to these young girls who have been in the center of the suicide crisis. She is a young 22 year old who is a strong Christian, with YWAM expereince and who is studying Social Work in Saskatoon, Sk.! She felt God’s call here and has been here since the crisis. However, she is virtually carrying this load on her own!! She was over the other night to visit, ask motherly advice, and ask for prayer. We spent many hours with her, and much of that was in prayer.

God has also placed on our hearts a young missionary nurse who felt the Lord leading him here. He too, is a YWAM kid and a recent Nursing grad. His first assignment since graduation is Attawatiskap! We have had both of these two over for a home-cooked meal and some much needed down time, as well as spiritual encouragement. (They kind of feel like our adopted kids. They do not refer to us as the ‘missionaries that God has sent’...they refer to us as the hippies that walk around town telling people that Jesus loves them! Bahaha!)

On the weekend there were two more suicide attempts. I was asked by an elder, to go over to the hospital and talk with the girls and pray with them. I was able to connect quite deeply with one of the girls, but the other wouldn’t allow me to pray with her. The next day we were visiting for some time with the family, in their home, I asked if we could all pray together. We all gathered, the whole family, along with another young girl, in a circle in the living room, holding hands and prayed! Bruce and I felt such a break of the bondage from suicide as we prayed! We actually felt something cut loose spiritually!

It wasn’t until after, that we found out that these are two of the girls who have been at the CENTER of this suicide crisis since day one. Then, later that evening the two girls we prayed for in the house, came to our apartment for a visit. After being there some time, they each gave me their blades that they had been cutting with!


This was Tuesday, that Bruce and I had gone and prayed with the family. Our young counselor friend, phoned our apartment last night(Thursday) and she was beyond excited! She said that the aggressor/bully in this whole crisis had been refusing all week to talk with anyone. But that night she unloaded everything and she even started a treatment agreement!! It is sooo crazy! I am still actually in awe of how God worked in this!”

PRAISE GOD!!! This is the breakthrough that they have needed for many months!

God is so very very cool! Since we have been here, God has really been blessing our friendship with Father Arinze. He drove us out to the Bay the other day, so that we could see the entirety of the Hudson Bay, and maybe a polar bear or two! Unfortunately, the mosquitos were so thick in the marsh, at the end of the road, that it prevented us from persevering and walking to where we needed to, in order to see this beauty! Since we have arrived, Bruce has been giving Father Arinze guitar lessons and he tells Bruce, in his Nigerian accent, “You are sent to me divinely!”

It has been a real blessing for us to have his friendship, and to be able to encourage him in his role here.

The other night, we helped Father Arinze with mass again, I did a reading and Bruce sang some songs. AND THEN THE MOST INCREDIBLY COOL THING HAPPENED!! There were a number of people at mass that night, which is different than normal. Because it is televised...most people stay at home in the evening and watch. But that night...this was not the case. After mass, everyone usually gets up and leaves. But that night this was not the case either. So Father Arinze and I went back to shake hands with everyone while Bruce was putting his guitar away. There was a family there, whose young son had just been diagnosed with Lukemia. They had come for healing prayer. So Father Arinze, took the family to the front, and we stood in a circle holding hands and prayed together for healing. After he prayed, he asked Bruce and I to lay hands on the boy and pray as well! The Holy Spirit was so profound! After that family left, another woman who hasn’t physically been in church for many years, came up and asked for healing prayer also!!


After the evening mass, that night, Bruce and I usually go for a walk around town, pray, and interact with people. But last night God led us to stay home. After about an hour, Bruce was busy helping Father Arinze with an odd job, and one of the women that we have gotten to know quite well came over to see me. It was definitely God’s timing! She said she was thankful that we were here. We spent the next few hours together as she revealed to me things that had happened to her as a child her on the reserve, and young teen, that she had kept hidden for over 45 years! We talked for a long time, and then I prayed over her, and God revealed even more to her through that prayer, and showed her things that she needed to give over to Him. We prayed through forgiveness, she spoke it out, and God moved incredibly in her spirit, pouring out tears, and wails...of years of pain to God! Incredible healing happened for her last night! Praise God!!

We have only a few days left here, and much work to do still! We have been asked to do a healing circle for the mother, grandmother, and siblings of the young girl that committed suicide. Please pray for us, for healing for this family, and that they can finally have some closure.

Also this week...we have been invited to a Caribou feast!! We are quite excited about this! Neither of us have ever had caribou!!

Pray for us as we walk out our last few days here, that we will be very attentive to the Holy Spirit and not miss any opportunities for His purpose for having us here!

Blessings in Jesus and thank you for your prayers!

Bruce and Bonnie






July 9, 2016

“For God has not given us the Spirit of fear; but of power, love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim 1:7

We are thankful for the boldness that the Lord has been giving us as we go forth in this call! We are finding that it takes us a great amount of initiation, assertiveness, and perseverance to weave our way into the hearts of the Native peoples. As with almost every human on the face of the planet, we realize that our Native friends need just as much love as we do! As soon as we smile, wave, and engage with them, its like some kind of wall comes down and they realize we a just like them.

This is the beginning of Day 6 for us here in Attawapiskat! We are feeling like we are getting a good grasp on the way things work here, and we are getting to know many people! We have spent many hours walking the streets of town, and seem to have a growing possy of children that follow us each day! The other evening, we started out with 4 and ended up with 11!

We have spent alot of time with Father Arinze, we have met the interm pastors of the PAOC church, we have met many of the hospital staff, most of the staff at the band office, including the Deputy chief, the local college staff, and youth workers in town! We have even met the Medicine Man! The chief will be back in a day or two and we will meet with him upon his return to the reserve. 

We have helped Father Arinze with his evening mass service for the past three evenings with readings and we are also in every home in Attawapiskat every evening because the mass is televised for the elders and the patients at the hospital!! Through this, we had greetings from many who have watched us on tv!  Who knew!! LOL Bruce introduced the Catholic congregation to Bob Marley last evening during the service as he sang his own rendition of Three Little Birds using Psalm 3 as the lyrics! :) This caught a few off guard but was met with cheers and Amens!! HA HA!

We are learning that this is a very Catholic community, yet they also value their Native traditions and culture! We are also learning the root of the oppression seems to be addictions, which seems to be reactionary from the residential school generation. We really see that there is a huge dis-connect with many adult children of the residential school generation and their parents, and it is having a hugely negative impact on their children, who are also adult children for the most part. God has really shown us that the ones that need the most prayer and healing are adults who are ages 20-35. It has been fascinating to learn so much in 5 days! We are praying for discernment and direction as we go forth with Christ’s authority to bring healing here. We are thankful for how the Lord has opened the doors for us in this otherwise closed community. It has clearly been the Lord doing it, for His purposes!

We met with a woman, the other day, an elder,  whose niece was one of the first young girls to commit suicide, which perpetuated the suicide crisis. That extended family is coming back to the reserve on today, from a healing walk, and I will try to connect with the mom of the girl who committed suicide, and with some of the girls who are in crisis and high-risk girls. God is soooo good! I pray for wisdom and discernment.

Also yesterday, we went and prayed with all the patients at the hospital and we have been asked to come back today. Bruce brought his guitar and one of the nurses sang in Cree to all the old hymns that he played! The patients really enjoyed that! And many even sang along!

As we have been praying about how to go about ministry here, God has been showing us that the little children will lead us. He has also specifically said “Go house to house and pray with people.” So, after okaying this with the deputy chief, we also started doing that yesterday. This, we are finding is requiring much courage, as many houses are in complete disarray and we don’t really know what to expect when the door opens. Please pray for us as we are obedient to this part of our call here.

Last night we made memories in Attawapiskat! We hosted a jam session at our little apartment with the Pastor of the PAOC and his family, Father Arinze (on his African drum), along with some of the elders in town. This is God’s idea of unity...and we give Him the glory for the way He has been orchestrating this since our arrival!!

Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce and Bonnie





July 5, 2016

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer as we continue on this faith journey of ours! We are leaving Lloydminster today after dropping off our beloved 'stitch' at amazing friends of ours who love to dog sit for us!! 

When we checked into routes to get to Attawapiskat, we knew that we had enough money to get us to Moosonee, Ont. which is the south end of James Bay, but that we were going to have to fly in from Moosonee. Return tickets for two from Moosonee to Attawapiskat are exactly $1500.01. This is a great amount to us, but not to God. So we decided that we would just go and if we ended up serving as missionaries in Moosonee then it wouldn't be a wasted trip! 

We also know God is calling us to go to Attawapiskat, so we knew He would make a way. Thanks to many prayers and the fact that God knows what we need, and the fact that He is so good at lavishing us with what we do need to serve Him…Sunday…we received exactly $1500.00!!!! Praise be to God!!

So here is our travel route…please pray for us each day as we go!

Today: We left PA for Lloyd. and then we will try to get at least 1/2 way back across Saskatchewan. 

Wednesday: The goal is Kenora, Ont. 

Thursday: Cochrane, Ont.

Friday: We take the train…'The Polar Bear Express' to Moosonee, Ont.

Sunday: We fly to Attawapiskat!

We will email as soon as we can if we have internet. If we do not please pray for us all month! We plan on flying back to Moosonee July 25, so we can be back to Sask. for July 29 to pick up Rylee!

Gods blessings,

Bruce and BonnieJ




July 2016

Just a very quick post this time!

“For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens:

A time to be born and a time to die,

A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted,

A time to kill and a time to heal,

A time to breakdown and a time to build up;

A time to weep and a time to laugh,

A time to mourn, and a time to dance,

A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together,

A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing,

A time to seek, and a time to lose,

A time to keep, and a time to cast away,

A time to rend, and a time to sew,

A time to keep silence, and a time to speak,

A time to love, and a time to hate,

A time for war and a time for peace. “

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

These were the words that God gave us in releasing us from camp!! We have been released for a season (what that means only God knows at this particular point in time). 

We spent all last week packing up our little cabin and we are thankful that we are leaving with God’s peace, knowing that for our part, we have done everything that God has required of us at camp and in the Nipawin area. During our time at camp God had some hard lessons for us to learn, but He has been teaching us how to be ‘perfect in love’ even in the face of affliction and rejection. Have we done it perfectly?...No we certainly haven’t but we have done our best, and both Bruce and I are leaving with peace in our hearts, knowing that now is the time for God to release we trust in Him. We went in obedience, we stayed in obedience, and now we leave in obedience....anything else is for God to sort out. So we celebrate!! YAY!!! And we are excited to see the plans He has for us as we enter a new season, a new annointing, and new adventures!!

Please pray for us as we leave for Attawapiskat First Nations at Hudson Bay, Ont. on Tuesday. It will be a two-day drive, a train ride, and then it looks like we have to fly in from Moosenee, Ont. Like all of our comings and goings...we once again go in faith;  trusting the Lord for provision as we go so your prayers will be greatly appreciated!!

If we have internet service once we arrive, we will try to send updates and prayer requests during our time there, and to share miracle stories that we expect! We need to be back in Sask. by the end of July, so we also need prayer for our trip home. Please pray for our time there. We are going because God has asked us to go, so we trust Him to open doors, and help us as we pour out the love of Jesus on these people who need so much love!

Thank you for your prayers for Denai and Jardeth’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful sunny day, and she was such a beautiful bride!! Our baby is now a Hemmerling and we are so happy to welcome such an incredible new son, Jardeth, to our family!

Love and blessings,

Bruce and Bonnie Rawling

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation





April 21/16


“The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.


Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.” Phil 4:5b-9


So much is happening in our ministry right now, that it’s almost overwhelming! Thank you for your prayerful support of us...please keep us fervently in your prayers as we go forward into a new season ahead!


For much of the winter months, the Lord made it clear that we were to be spending much time in prayer, abiding, and learning to love and forgive through some very difficult circumstances. We knew He was preparing us for our next season of ministry, and we knew that our obedience in the lessons was crucial.  However, this has certainly not been easy!!


I recently read a quote that said, “The enemy does not attack you because of your past mistakes, but because of your keep you from living out your life and calling in Christ.”


Oh how these few words have hit the mark for us! We have felt crushed from all sides for much of the winter, but we have managed to keep our eyes on that North Star...Jesus...and we are feeling His victory in our lives! In the words of Job: “I know that my redeemer lives.” Job 19:25a Though we are still in much need of your prayers...and we know that without the intercession of our prayer team, and close friends, we would not be coming to the other side of this winter with such encouragement!! So thankyou!


I have so much to share that I feel using point form might be easiest:


$1·      Today, April 21/16, is the one year anniversary of the Tisdale murders of Latasha Gosling and her children. I will be spending most of the day with this family, and will be doing a graveside service for the family today. Please continue your prayers for this family. They continue to feel this horrific loss daily.


$1·      Bruce is away on a two month tour and could really use your prayers that his ministry would be encouraging to many along his way!


$1·      A year ago God led us to this camp, and in obedience we have come and stayed, persevering, pouring out, building and re-building bridges for camp. And to be honest, we are seeing the fruit of our labours!! Praise be to God!! We have done our best to come under the camp directors authority, and we have done our best to love in all circumstances. However, we have not really known how we ‘fit’ here at camp. In trying to define our role here, and come to an understanding of how we fit, we presented camp and their board with a ministry partnership proposal last December. This past week, we had word  from the board that they are not interested in pursuing a ministry partnership with Tree of Life. This has been a hard blow for us, and very discouraging. However, at least we now have a clear picture of how we fit! We have however, been invited to use camp as a home base as we continue our missionary work. Please intercede for us as we go forward, so we know God’s will as to how, or if we will continue here. Matthew 10 is very clear: “If anyone will not receive you, or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave...” But 1 Cor 13 is also very clear: “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” And not only that but God has been continually reminding us of 1 Thess 5: 12-24 “We ask you brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work. Be at peace among yourselves. And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all. See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to everyone. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil. Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who call you is faithful; he with surely do it.” Please pray with us, that we may endure and go forward in love!!!!




$1·      The Lord has made it very clear in the past few days, that He is calling us to Attawapiskat reservation in Northern Ontario for a time. He has orchestrated the time for us to go and He will orchestrate the means. Rylee will be away at her dads for the month of July, so Bruce and I will likely make our way to the Northern Ontario reserve for the entire month. Please pray for God’s provision for a very reliable 4x4 truck for us to be able to get there with!


$1·      In August we are speaking at a High School camp at Meadow Lake, and then we will spend as much quality time with Rylee as we can before she heads off to High School!


$1·      In September and October, God has made it clear that He is sending us to the East coast! So Bruce and I will do a two month tour out there to see what kind of work the Lord has for us out there! Please pray for provision of a small camper-van or the likes, for us to make this trip. We do not see any advantage in taking the bus out there but we see the necessity to have a place to lay our heads without having to impose on others, and without too much cost. 


$1·      The Lord has blessed us with someone who is willing to help up keep our website up to date! Rewriting our info so that he can upload it onto our website is on my list of things to do...but wedding plans and decor...keep pushing this to the back burner!


Blessings in Jesus!


Bruce, Bonnie, and Rylee


Tree of Life-Hope Foundation






March 2016

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15: 13

We hope our ministry updates for Tree of Life- Hope Foundation will be a blessing and encouragement to you in your own faith journey! 

As we head into a new spring/summer season God is fueling a fire in us to continue to ‘fullfill the call’ that He has placed on our lives. We are missionaries and it is our desire to serve where He leads. We are definitely called to serve in Northern Sask. and we are thankful for our winter playground!

While we are here, we continue to serve where we have been given the freedom and authority to do so. We have had the honour and privilege of building many bridges in the Nipawin area, ministering to many individuals, families, and churches. We are also called to ‘go out’ building up the body of Christ, fostering ‘unity in the Spirit,’ encouraging the saints, and sharing a message of repentance, forgiveness, and God’s amazing grace. Though it is still unclear how we fit into the ministry at camp, we do believe, after a beautiful winter the Lord is bringing us into a season of ‘coming and going.’

Along with our ministry, we also have a busy spring ahead of us, as Denai, our middle daughter is getting married at the beginning of June! We are excited and honored to be helping her and Jardeth with wedding preparations! And we are looking forward to be welcoming such an honorable young man into our family! Denai Hemmerling… mmm…has a nice ring to it! J

Bruce just returned from a 3 week CD release tour and has been very humbled at the encouraging responses to his ministry and sharing of his faith and the Gospel message. We are very thankful for God’s provision through Bruce’s concerts.Please pray for him, as he seems to have caught a bug on his tour and has not really been feeling himself for well over a week now. The old guy just doesn’t bounce back like he used to! lol

Over the last three months, I have had to say goodbye to two very special people in my life. My high school principal and his wife welcomed me into their home and family when I was a struggling teenager. Over the years we have become very close, and they have become strong, Godly rolemodels in my life and true confidants. Within three months of each other, both have gone home to be with the Lord. I am thankful to have had special time with each of them in the hospital before their passing; time read to them, pray with them, have special talks, and say our goodbyes. Each of them, I know, is rejoicing with the Lord; however, I, as with many whom they have left behind, have been left with somewhat of an emptiness. I am thankful for the time that we have had and for the support that they have been for me, (and Bruce) especially in these past few years.

So…as we ‘come out of the woodwork’ of our small little cabin in the bush of Northern Sask. we have a number of things that we need to be making decisions about, and seeking the Lords’ will and direction for. Please partner with us in praying for the following things that we have been putting before the Lord:

1.    We continue to seek answers from the Lord about our bus. It is our desire to sell it but we also feel the Lords leading for us to ‘go out’ and in that case we would need it (or something smaller). At the same time, the Lord has continued to say that He has a buyer for our bus. So I guess we need your prayers…mostly for our trust and belief!

2.    We have felt for some time that we are to be preparing for an Eastern Canada tour. It seems that God is confirming this to us and that time is coming soon. (Likely September/October) We don’t fully understand the purposes or the call yet, but it definitely centers around Nova Scotia. There are a number of churches that we believe God is leading us to, so please pray for Gods timing, purposes, and His will to be realized in it. Also, for all the details to come together to make this possible.

3.    Please pray for us as our spring and summer continue to fill up with speaking/singing and conference engagements, as well as camp speaking.

4.    We are at a vital point in Rylee’s education. She continues to have her sights set on becoming a veterinarian. This means she really needs to have a solid background in her maths and sciences. Though I am thankful for being able to homeschool her for the last three years, we believe she is at a place where she needs more than I can give her. So we have some decisions to make as far as her High School education. Please pray for God to make it clear to us the direction that He would have for her for September.

5.    Please pray for God to reveal His purposes for us, here at camp. We know that we know that we know that we have been called here, but we are wondering what the full extent of Gods purposes are for us here. However, a good friend reminded us recently, that the first time Abraham was sent to the promised land there was a famine and he must have been extremely discouraged when he got there, that God would send him there…and for what purpose!? Yet, he remained faithful to the call that the Lord had put on his life, and was rewarded by the Lord.

  *Our AGM is May 17, 2016 in Taber, Ab. Location TBA. All are welcome!

Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce, Bonnie, and Rylee

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation




October update 2015

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Here is our fall update to let you know where things are at with us! We are so thankful to God for how He continues to hold us in the palm of His hand and continues to provide ALL of our needs!

We are so excited to share the news that after two years of waiting for God's time, Bruce's CD has been released! In early September, we were approached by a couple who offered to gift us the remaining cost of what we needed to release Bruce's solo CD. So we had a few artwork edits, and then it was off to press! We are so very thrilled about this, and we pray that his CD will be used to minister to many!

We are thankful for such a full Fall season even though it seems like the work is never done!!

In September Rylee and I managed to get our garden harvested and all of our canning and preserving done. We were very richly blessed with provisions of tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beets, zucchini, swiss chard, and herbs…and I am so very thankful! Rylee and I canned well over 100 jars of pickles, pickled carrots, pickled beets, salsa, spaghetti sauce, and canned tomatoes!

We are also very thankful that after two years of wandering in the desert, we have a home base, that after pouring out as missionaries, we are be able to come ‘home’ and lay our heads. As winter is approaching fast, we have officially moved out of the bus and into a 'camp cabin' for the winter. Which is about 20 x 32 ft! Ha! Bruce has been working with some of the guys from camp at winterizing our cabin and building a bathroom addition on the cabin. It was a cabin on stilts, and it now has a pony wall, insulation and a small crawl space underneath! We are definitely ‘bush people,’ and though we will have power for the winter, we will have to learn how to shower from a hanging 5 gallon pail!! There is running water at camp over the winter, so we aren’t totally savage…ha ha… but in our cabin, there is not! We have a lot of wood to gather for winter but we are thankful for a warm camp cabin to spend the winter! Please pray that we will have plenty of time to get all this done!

When we are ‘home,’ I am still heavily involved in mentoring the Gross family who continue to struggle with the loss of their daughter and grandchildren. They are entrenched in a bitter custody battle for the infant grandchild, but their hearts and their prayers are that the situation could become a peaceful one. I continue to walk with them through this, and continue to try and balance between being a constant support to them where they are at, as well as one who speaks Gods truth, encouraging them to continue to see God’s ‘big picture’ in all of this, encouraging them to persevere with hearts of forgiveness. Thank you for your prayers in this situation. I have needed them; Bruce has needed them; as have the Gross family. Please continue to pray. This is long from over for them, and it is surely wearisome.

God has also placed a number of other families in our path and in our care. Most of the people who we are mentoring/counseling have been referred to us, ‘the missionaries,’ by their pastors. I have been counseling a number of women both young and old, and am thankful that God has placed us here as missionaries to pour out for these very purposes! Bruce has also had the privilege of connecting with a few men who have reached the end of their rope and needed some encouragement…and bonus…he gets to fish with them! At the end of September, Bruce was the guest speaker at a men’s retreat here at the camp, and through that, we have been invited to speak at various places throughout the province in the next few months.

Also when we are ‘home’ we are pouring out as missionaries to camp itself, as much as we can. As well, we are doing what we are called to do, and that is to build bridges of unity between all the churches in this area, encouraging pastors, and connecting with as many people as we possibly can to be a light for them. Our hearts desire is to pour ourselves out as missionaries and that means to go where we are called by God and do His will. That does not mean it will always be easy, and that does not mean we won’t be faced with trials, wounds, and affliction. It does mean that no matter what, we continue to persevere to do His will, and we allow Him to take care of the things that need to be remedied. Pray that we will be strong to persevere in our calling here.

We are called to be missionaries at camp and to the Nipawin/NE portion of this province. We are also called to “‘GO OUT’ and make disciples of all nations.”  Matt 28:19a

So, we continue to be faithful to that call as well. In September we spoke at a ‘church in the park’ in Lloydminster. It was an amazing experience for us, as we were able to minister to many homeless, prostitutes, and drug addicts. We have since been invited back to speak at the home church in Lloydminster, Southridge Community Church, as well as to minister over four of days, to a number of places in Lloyd such as the soup kitchen, etc. We will be there from November 14-18.

In mid-October, we were East of Edmonton again speaking at a church family camp for the Thanksgiving weekend, then we were back to camp for a few days, and then back on the road to Southern Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta!

I am so encouraged and excited to share with you that I have finally found my way through the sea of possible editors and publishers to the one that I believe God has for my book!! I get to be a huge part of the editing phase, in fact no changes will be made that I don’t approve. They are a Christian company, and in the end, I will own all of the rights to my book! Please put this at the top of your prayer list, for God’s time and provision that I will be able to move forward with this! Thank you!

Then it was off to Taber where we were very busy! We were able to do respite care for our ‘Taber kids’ giving their foster parents a well needed break for a few days! It was so good for our hearts to re-connect with all of our foster kids! They are like family to us, and if there is one thing we have missed from Taber it is certainly them! We were also able to get the bus parked and ready for winter, thanks to the help and willingness of good friends. And we are thankful that one of our board members is willing to show the bus should a potential buyer come along! God has given us a price and has assured us that He has a buyer…so please keep this process in your prayers, especially our need to trust Him.

Also in Taber, Bruce had a CD release concert, which was very encouraging for him! He sold many CD’s and is pretty stoked! We also had a Tree of Life-Hope Foundation board meeting, and we are always encouraged by the way our board supports and prays for us.

During the 5 days that we were in Taber, God had set up divine appointments for us from 7am-2am every day! We were very happy to re-connect with some of our Young Life kids, staff from the schools, and some very dear friends! However, needless to say we were exhausted when we arrived back at camp late last Thursday night!

**Please pray for God to open the door to more ministry opportunities for Tree of Life and for Bruce’s CD release concerts.

We are extremely thankful for our partners in ministry who provide our fuel, and allow us to be able to ‘go!’ And we are thankful for our partners in ministry who have provided Tree of Life with a car, and the registration/plates for it!

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation is an Alberta Non-profit society, however, WE are now officially Saskatchewan residents!! We have changed our phone numbers, though our email and website won’t change. (See below)

We could really use your prayers to have the endurance and perseverance to continue in this call. As with any call, there is sure to be affliction, hard things to sort through, and trials, but we are feeling these very heavily. We do feel strongly convicted that it is our call to be up North at this camp, we do not feel released from it, and we do know that the enemy will do whatever he possibly can to get us off track, but we would appreciate your prayers that we could 'be content in all circumstances.' Please pray for God’s vision in what we do, to be realized, not our own. Also, please pray that the gifts and passions that Bruce and I bring would have a place to be used, particularly in helping the ministry to continue, grow, and flourish at the camp we have been called to. 

Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce, Bonnie & Rylee

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation





“I am sending you out…” Matt 10:16

We just got home from a three week tour and God has been so good to us!! We have so many exciting things to share with you! God is so good and we are so thankful for this call to be missionaries in Canada!

Firstly we need to share with you how amazing it feels to have a home-base to come home to,!!!! Northern Sask., Though we have a lot of work to do to settle in for the winter, we are excitedly anticipating God’s timing and provision for it all!

We foresee our winter months coming with opportunities to pour out as missionaries to camp, as well as to the North East of Saskatchewan. We also see us going out on tours from here, spread throughout the winter months, to speak/sing wherever God opens a door. We have been praying about an Eastern Canada tour and it does seem that God is opening that door so we are beginning to plan for it. However, because we now have a place to call ‘home,’ our ‘going out’ may look different than it has in the past because we are trying to sell the bus and find something smaller that is more practical for winter months in Canada!

Anyhow…here’s a quick update on our last tour and some exciting miracles that came our way:

The first week we were out, we spoke/sang at a family camp East of Red Deer. Bruce led worship for a good part of the week, and we shared ‘my story’ and our message of forgiveness for two afternoons to the adults. We were very blessed and encouraged with the many people who felt the Lord’s hand through our ministry.

From there, we made our way to Granum Jamboree where Bruce led worship throughout the entire weekend and then together we did the Sunday morning service. Bruce led worship, and I gave the message, and once again we were so extremely blessed by the number of people who felt a touch from the Lord through our ministry. Praise God!

After Granum we enjoyed a few days off with Rylee and had a few days of camping with good friends.

Our next mission was speaking at a single parent family camp



June 25, 2015

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back: lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” Isaiah 54:2                                     

Praise God for answered prayer and His constant leading and provision!! One of the things that I have truly missed since God has had us on our faith journey across this beautiful country of ours, is my garden!! When we felt the Lord leading us to Northern Sask. we did feel that it was for a time, and I prayed that perhaps we would be here long enough for me to have a garden. I am so thrilled that we have been able to clear trees, bush, pull roots and work up a garden space!! It has been a lot of hard work, and we will be pulling roots for some time, but it will be so worth it! Homemade pickles we will have once again!!! The Lord has been so good to us since we have arrived and we are so thankful!! Our daily bread is continually being provided and we are thankful! A few weeks ago, Bruce and I were gifted fishing licenses, Rylee was gifted a brand new fishing rod, and Bruce was anonymously gifted an entire tackle box with everything he could need for catching that ‘big one.’ In addition, our prayers were answered when Tree of Life was gifted a Volkswagon Jetta for Bruce to be able to tour in! We feel so incredibly blessed!   

One last note…I am honored and thankful that the Lord has placed me in this position where I can counsel the family of the Tisdale tragedy. Please pray for both families.  Please pray for this baby. I know that God is bigger than any hurt or act of cruelty and I know that prayer is the only thing that will help this situation. Please also continue to pray for me as I walk this family through this time.

In Him,

Bruce, Bonnie, and Rylee     

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation






May 25, 2015

Lots of new things for us…so I will try to be brief!

$1·      Firstly, thank you for your continued prayers! We are so thankful for all of your support, encouragement, and especially the way we feel your prayers!

$1·      We had our AGM in Taber on May 12, 2015 and were glad to see some familiar faces while we were there…sorry that we didn’t get to connect with everyone that we would have liked to. We have some new board members, some new vision, and we altered our ministry mandate to better reflect how we have been ministering and where we see God taking Tree of Life. This is our new ministry mandate:

$1·      We are still in the Nipawin area, in fact we are safely parked on the North Side of Tobin Lake. We are thankful to be here!

$1·      I have committed to counsel/walk with this family who have been so immensely affected by the Tisdale murder tragedies, and I continue to walk out in this. There is so much pain. Please continue to pray for this family!

$1·      Bruce and I were the main speakers at Family Camp on May Long Weekend, and we had a great weekend of pouring out a message of repentance, forgiveness, and unity in the body of Christ!

$1·      Up until the May Long weekend, Bruce and I really had no further direction as to where the Lord was leading us to next, we had, in fact, been feeling that the Lord was asking us to stay in the Nipawin area for a time, for what we did not know. However, on the Sunday of that weekend the Lord woke me up early and started laying a burden on my heart, and a vision for this camp. When Bruce and I did devotions that morning, and for the next number of days, we asked God for confirmations, He made it very clear to us that this is where He is asking us to be for a time.

$1·      So this is what we feel the Lord calling us to for a time:

$1Ø  We will also continue to ‘go out’ as missionaries under Tree of Life-Hope Foundation to speak/sing as the Lord leads and opens doors.

$1Ø  We will use this camp as our home base. When we are out, we will be mobile missionaries pouring out to the world. When we are here, we will pour out, as missionaries for camp, and as missionaries in the Nipawin area.

Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce, Bonnie, and Rylee     

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation





April 30, 2015

I write this update with such a heavy heart. I know so many of you are praying and I thank you for your prayers and all the encouraging notes. I am sorry that I haven’t answered all of them, but I am quite overwhelmed this week, please know that I have read them all, appreciate them all, and please keep them coming, because they are what is keeping me strong…well, next to Jesus.

Before we all went to the funeral home today, twenty some of us gathered in the kitchen, and held hands together while I prayed for peace and forgiveness. I know this is why I have been called to this family during this time. But seeing four brutally murdered, bodies today, has fueled anger, hatred, unforgiveness, and incomprehensible shock in all of us, including myself. How am I to help this family forgive, when I myself, wonder why and how anyone could do such things. I know I can be strong for this family with the strength of Christ, but please pray for me. Please pray for each of them. Please pray that I can help them to understand that forgiveness is for their hearts, and that it doesn’t negate what happened.

Tomorrow, the family has asked me to be beside Latasha’s parents during the funeral service as well as at the private family internment. I don’t mean to make this about me at all, but I really need your prayers so that I can be strong for this family. Please pray for me, please pray for each of them. Please just pray. Nothing else can help this situation but prayer.

Oh…one more thing…Praise God, the family has been allowed to have custody of the infant child for this week and weekend. She is absolutely the spitting image of her mommy! Please pray for strong bonds to be established in this time.

Blessings and strength in Jesus,





April 28, 2015

Quick update and prayer requests!

This week has been most surreal! Bruce and I see Gods hand in so much of us being here for this time. We are so thankful that we can be here! This family has not been involved with a particular church for some time, though they are strong believers and are holding fast to their faith in Jesus through all of this! It is amazing that we can be here to help bridge the gap for them, and then get them re-connected into a church family once the crisis of this dissipates!

I have been to the home a number of times, and it is always FULL of family and extended family. They are taking counsel in each other and it is good! I am referred to by the family as, ‘the missionary that God sent!’ How humbling and cool is that! I can hear their voices as I approach the door “Annie, the missionary is here!” It makes me thankful that I serve such an incredible God!!

That is all for now. May I thank you all for your prayers and support in this time. I have received numerous emails of encouragement, and specific prayers over me during this time, and I thank you for that! I certainly don’t say this in pride, or arrogance, but I feel like I am on the front lines, and I am thankful that we have our Tree of Life prayer team to back me up! Thankyou!!!!

Also, please continue your prayers for Bruce as he is on the road, and being away during this time is hard for him…for both of us…but he is exactly where he is supposed to be too!

Blessings in Jesus!





April 25, 2015

Thank you so much for your prayers in these past few days. Bruce had a great youth concert at ‘The Rock’ in Saskatoon, with many young kids coming up in tears for prayer afterwards! Much healing…this is good!

I was able to spend the majority of my day today with the family of the victims of the Tisdale murders. They are a family who is in such deep turmoil, but I am so encouraged that they are leaning on Jesus for their strength through this time, and drawing themselves closer to Him!

The family has allowed me to take on the role of advocate for them in regards to communicating any needs that they may have specifically directed to our Tree of Life prayer team, as well as the ‘church.’ I will also continue in a Christian counseling role for them, in the weeks to follow. I am humbled and honored to help them out in whatever way I can, and I am thankful for the opportunity to help build unity in these communities through these circumstances.

Can I just say how touched and thankful this family is, that there are so many people praying for them! I thank you for that!!

These are their immediate prayer needs:

$1·      The date of the funeral is not yet in place, due to the length of time that has been needed at the coroner’s office. Please pray that this process is hurried so that the family is able to put some closure on this.

$1·      Latasha is the young woman who was killed. Her mom is having reoccurring nightmares, with scenarios of what her daughter and grandchildren went through in their last minutes, please pray a covering over her and her husband.

$1·      The funerals will be held in Nipawin, Sk. and will likely be at the end of next week. The family is in need of food supplies for the fellowship time after the service. They would like to have dainties, open-faced buns, fruit cake, fruit, cheese, and meat trays to serve to their guests. Please pray for the provision of all of these items to take the worry off of their shoulders.

$1·      Please pray for the father of Latasha’s children and his family.

$1·      Please pray for the family of the man who murdered Latasha, her children, and then committed suicide himself. They are dealing with great loss too, and Latasha’s family want to have a heart of forgiveness, leaving no room for the enemy to take away their peace.

$1·      Please pray specifically for Latasha’s mom and dad, Latasha’s sister and her common-law husband and their 3 children, Latasha’s brother, Latasha’s aunts and uncles, and cousins, and her Aunty Sandra who has taken on the leading role of handling all of the family’s affairs during this time. I had the privilege of meeting all of them today and I wish I could just take all the pain away from each one of them. Especially, please pray for Latasha’s sisters children. They were very close with their cousins, almost inseparable, and at the tender ages of 7yrs. and 5 yrs, are having a very difficult time processing things.

$1·      Please pray for the infant child who has been left behind without any parents.

$1·      Please pray for me as I continue to walk with this family in the days, and weeks to come in a pastoral/counseling role. I am humbled, honored and thankful that God has placed me here for this time; please pray for humility, wisdom, and discernment as we begin this process together. 

Wednesday, April 29/15, there is a candle light vigil service in the Tisdale town square at 8:30 pm for those in this area who are not aware of this.

Blessings in Jesus,




April, 2015

“So neither he who plants, nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor. For we are God’s fellow workers.”  1 Cor 3:7-9a

We have had many miracles since we have left Bruce’s moms place and we are once again reminded just how amazing God is!! It was pretty scary for us to leave the comforts of our ‘home’ in the mountains, to venture out yet again to where God was leading us. But once you take the step off the cliff there is nothing but trust to rely on!! And God is good…ALL THE TIME! We made our way to Sherwood Park where we had some work done on the bus (by an amazing expert who knows his stuff!!!) AND….we were amazingly blessed by a church in Sherwood Park who offered to cover our entire bill!! God continues to blow us away in the way He provides for us! Of course there have been times where our faith has been stretched so thin we thought it would surely break, but there have also been countless miracles of how He shows up in ways that make us shake our head in amazement!! Our Sherwood Park bus story, counts as one more!

We then, made our way to Northern Sask. stopping to enjoy Easter in Watrous, Sk. with our kids. We got to see our grandson for a few hours and thoroughly enjoyed our time with him! Watrous brought more miracles for us, as a local couple, who were perfect strangers to us, but with an incredible gift of hospitality, took us under their wing, let us park the bus in their back yard, plug into their shore power, AND filled our diesel tank for us when we were ready to head out to Nipawin! God is sooooo good!

We have now been in the Nipawin area for almost two weeks. And this week God made it clear to us why He has called us up here! Up until now, He has kept us very busy here! We have had the privilege of speaking at the final ‘Presidents chapel’ of the year at Nipawin Bible College, and we have settled our bus out at Wilderness Ministries Camp on the North Shores of Tobin Lake where we have been warmly welcomed and blessed. We have been serving and helping in whatever way we are able, cleaning, cutting wood, and maintenance, to help ready them for the summer of camp. We are also their main speakers at May long weekend family camp.

However, this past week, in a small town in Saskatchewan, called Tisdale, which is near Nipawin, there was a mother and her three children murdered a few days ago. Her family is primarily from Nipawin and I am thankful that as mobile missionaries we can be here for this time. Please pray for the community of Tisdale, the family in Nipawin,  and who have been left to deal with this loss, the police and emergency personnel that have had to deal with this tragedy, and please pray for the team of counselors, pastors, and professionals that are being gathered to help deal with the aftermath. I have been directly connected this morning to the family of the victims so please pray for wisdom for me, as I walk this out as a missionary.

Also, we ask your prayers specifically as we are experiencing much Spiritual attack in our personal lives. Some days it is most difficult to persevere but God is also teaching us how to forgive, practice His agape love, and what true intercession means! In one sense we are also thankful for these trials, as they are growing and increasing our faith, our character, and strengthening us to press on. As long as we keep our eyes on Jesus we can be molded and shaped for His purposes through all of this, but sometimes I do wonder why the lessons have to be so painful.

Please pray for us.

Bruce leaves for another two week tour today. Though his dates are somewhat scattered, we know and trust that God know why that is! On his days off he will be looking to minister wherever God opens a door. Often if he has a day off, he will sing for the afternoon at a retirement home, etc. So if you have any ideas or ministry opportunities for him, give him a call or message, he would be happy to pour out wherever he can!

Please keep in mind, our AGM is Tuesday May 12/15 @ 7pm at Taber Evangelical Free Church. All are welcome!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

God bless!

Bruce, Bonnie, and Rylee   

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation 




March, 2015

 We find ourselves extremely busy in these weeks of March and would ask for your prayer as we prepare to ready our bus, and head back out on the road!

We are so thankful that God has given us this time here at Bruce’s moms for the winter. It has not only been good for our hearts to be in such a special place of memories for Bruce, but it has been peaceful and refreshing! I feel that I have been able to pick myself back up from life’s hard-knocks, and the Lord has strengthened me! Overall, it has been good for us to be here as a family. We have grown closer, without worldly distractions, learning to appreciate simple things in life, like a good woodstove, a warm house, and board games! J

Bruce has been touring each month that we have been here, and has been so encouraged and blessed to be able to share his heart, and the gospel with so many people.

Rylee has enjoyed her time here, and has been extremely blessed with her experiences at the vet clinic, and time with her cousin and their family.

I have finished my book…at least to the point where I am ready for an editor, and I am so thankful for a peaceful place to write, where I can lose my thoughts in the beauty of the surrounding mountains.



Jan. 30, 2015

Tree of Life has lots of things happening and we are coming into exciting times!! We are thrilled to share with you, and we are so very thankful for your continued prayers and support!!

During the winter months, while we have been blessed with a time of rest at Bruce’s mom’s cabin in the mountains, Bruce has been doing monthly tours as his ‘tent making’ to help get up through this time. He has thoroughly enjoyed touring and ministering on his own and God has abundantly blessed us! We are so very thankful!

While Bruce has been away, I have been diligently working at my book. I am so excited that I have almost completed my 4th draft beginning to end, and I am almost ready for the editing stage! At the beginning of January, I sent the first 4 chapters of my book to a proofreader to have her get a feel for the book, and to get some direction and feedback. I have been sitting on the edge of my seat ever since, with all sorts of thoughts going through my head like, maybe she’s taking so long because she hates it and doesn’t know how to tell me!! I finally heard back from her the other night and her feedback was soooo encouraging to me!! Her words were: “Oh Bonnie, what you have written is so awesome! It’s raw, it’s real, and so incredibly powerful! It is so necessary!”

So, I will be ready for the editing stage, only after I do one last edit myself. I am anticipating that the editing will be a fairly lengthy process, and I ask for your prayers for God to open the doors to the editor and publisher of His choice!! I have been given some direction, advice, and some contacts, but this is His book, and so I want to be listening intently for His direction. 

As I have said before that my book it raw, and its real. Its my story and it will not be for the faint of heart, but I believe, hope, and pray that it will help, encourage, and inspire many. In His own words Jesus said “I did not come to call the righteous but sinners! Matt 9:13b This verse clearly describes me, yet He still loved and forgave me right where I was at! My book is a message of hurt, pain, and anger as well as hope, forgiveness, and the transforming power that is only found in the love of Jesus.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THE NEXT PROCESSES FOR THIS PROJECT!

More great news!! Thanks to God’s timing and provision, Bruce’s CD is being pressed!!!! We have waited a long time for God to give us the go-ahead on this project and this is very exciting for Bruce! We are waiting on artwork, and then the presses will fire up! A few of you have already ordered CD’s…and will be receiving those soon!! If you would like to order his new CD you can get one the next time you see us on tour, or you can send us an e-tranfser for $20.00 + $5.00 s/h, to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Be sure to include your shipping address in the email! We will send your order as soon as we receive them ourselves! (Shipping costs may increase for orders over 25 CD’s.)

And….we have more exciting news to share with you!!! In our last update letter, we eluded to the fact that we have felt God leading us to a specific place, but we were waiting for more confirmation and His timing. It is so cool how God leads us separately, yet together!!! For months now, we have both felt God laying this place on our hearts, yet neither of us had said anything to each other until late November. Once we realized God had been laying the same place on each of our hearts, we started praying for confirmations to make sure that we are following His lead. Well…since, we have had numerous confirmations that He is leading us to Nipawin, Sask.!! We have only one contact in Nipawin, and we have no idea at this point what God’s purpose is for us there, but we know He will show us as we go! We plan to leave Bruce’s moms before Easter time and make our way North. We don’t know if we will be there for a short season, or a longer one, and we won’t make any plans until we have His direction. When we moved to Taber, Ab. 8 years ago, we didn’t know why we were to go there either, we just knew we were to go! When we left in the bus a year and a half ago, we didn’t know where we were to go, but He faithfully led us, and He will do it again. Taber, Ab. will still remain our home-base for Tree of Life, and we will still be back in that area to see friends and family.

We are feeling refreshed, and ready for whatever God has for us…we just have to be faithful to go, and we fully trust He will show us, as we are faithful to obey! So we get ready to go, we the bus ready,…and we covet your prayers!

Many blessings in Jesus!






September 2014

“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

September 15, marked a year that Bruce and I and Rylee have been on the road! It has been an incredible year of amazing miracles of God, as well as incredible testing and trials.

We have been tested with severed arteries, blood clots in Bruce’s lungs, bus repairs and maintenance, a fire in the engine starter, freezing temperatures, a bus breakdown on the coquihalla, financial trials, major relationship trials with people close to us, and test upon test of whether or not we will trust in obedience or waver in our faith.

We have also seen Gods hand in and through each one of our trials and tests, and we have experience His miracles all throughout our year, in mind-blowing ways! In ways that we would have never been able to experience a Living God had we not been obedient to follow even when it didn’t make sense! He truly has provided all that we have needed, even though at times it seemed like to us there were things lacking. We see now that His hand was in all of it, because He knew the overall picture and He knew what was best for us and what the end result would be.


A few weeks ago we spoke at the Christian High School in Kamloops, BC. If you remember, our Coquihalla miracle story, the couple that God sent to rescue us from our ordeal, have become very good friends of ours. She is also a teacher at the Christian High School, and after she shared ‘the bus’ story in chapel one day, the school wanted us to come and speak. We booked this many months ago, when we were anticipating being in BC for the winter months. However, with our change in circumstances, this now meant that we would be going to Kamloops for only one presentation. When it came time for us to get ready to go out a few weeks ago, we had to really pray about whether or not we should go. It was such a long way, and we had very little money. As we were praying, we both really just felt God speak to us, that even if it was for ONE kid…that we had to go! So, yet again, in faith, we went!

We had a very warm reception at the school, a standing ovation BEFORE AND AFTER speaking! LOL (Simply because they knew we were ‘the bus people’!!)

Anyhow, after we finished speaking, there were a number of kids lined up who wanted to connect with us. Bruce always connects with the guys who are music orientated, or who just want to say thank you for ‘being real.’ I often feel torn as to which young girl I should speak to first, so I prayed that God would direct me. I went over to one girl in particular, where I felt led, and sat down with this beautiful young girl who could hardly get a word out through her tears. We sat for a long while, and even though I knew there were other girls waiting to talk, I felt that I was to stay and help this girl break through this thing that was causing so much ache. I could see over her shoulder that the school counselor and other teachers had taken it upon themselves to connect with the other kids and I was thankful because I knew I needed to be right where I was. We worked through some hard things for her and as I was praying with her to end my time with her, I thanked God that even if it was for just this girl, that we were obedient to come!

BUT HERE IS THE BEST PART!!! After we had finished packing up and were getting ready to leave the school, we ran into our friend in the hallway. She was so thankful that we had come, and I told her how we had prayed that we were to come even if it was only for one kid, and I was so happy I got to talk with that girl after. With tears in her eyes, she said, “I am thankful too, that was my daughter! Thank you so much”


Lets just say, it was worth the trip…and to top it all off, God had already planned for the provision for us to get home before we even left! And that in itself was another miracle!! HE is so faithful.

This fall and winter is going to look different for us than we anticipated. We expected to be touring in BC for the entire winter because it just made sense to us that we should be reconnecting with all the places we had been on our last tour, and because it is much easier to live in a bus when temperatures are above freezing! J

However, God has changed some of our circumstances and we are beginning to understand why neither of us really had peace about being in BC all winter.

In a matter of a few weeks, God gently revealed to us the plan the HE has for us this winter, and we have had to be soft to His teaching and guiding in order to hear clearly and fully understand.

In July, Bruce’s mom suffered a stroke and we felt that we really needed to make ourselves available to help in her care. We were down for a week in August and realized then, just how damaging her stroke had been to her physically and mentally. Because of circumstances in Bruce’s life when his father passed away, he was unable to be near his dad as much as he would’ve liked to while he was ill, and has regretted this since. We didn’t want to make this mistake again.

So…because of the circumstances with Bruce’s mom, we have felt the Lords hand stopping us from going out to BC for the winter. And isn’t it just like Him to always have the details worked out! Normally, there is someone in Bruce’s moms house in the mountains to take care of it for the winter. But this winter was a worry because there was no one to fill the role! Funny how God orchestrates! So we have settled into the house in the mountains for the winter months! It is so healing for Bruce to be here. This was the house that he helped his mom and dad build. There are a lot of memories for him here and it has been good for his soul. We spend our weekends gathering, cutting and stacking firewood for the winter as we will heat with the wood stove all winter. Bruce has found some handiwork that will keep him busy until he goes out on tour. Bruce’s ‘tent-making’ is music. So he is in the process of booking some solo tours where he will also share what we do with Tree of Life.

As for me, I will spend my time fasting and praying, homeschooling Rylee, writing my book, learning to knit, learning to spin wool (may as well make use of the spinning wheel while I’m here!), learning to make goats butter and cheese and enjoying the peace of the mountains.

Rylee has many new things to keep her busy too! She is spending much of her afterschool time, down the hill at Bruce’s nieces home, learning to change diapers and tend to little ones. And because the Veterinarian in the Crownest Pass is a good family friend, and because Rylee wants to be a Vet when she grows up, we have arranged for her to spend every Friday at the vet clinic! It is such an invaluable experience for her! Friday mornings are surgery days, so she has helped with dog surgeries, cat surgeries, horse lacerations that needed surgery, and many other things! She is able to do all her science lab work at the vet clinic and apparently they have drawers full of slides for her to examine through the microscope when there is no patients!! She is on cloud nine every Friday afternoon!!!

If you are in need of a couple days of peaceful retreat away from it all, and you don’t mind eating strictly organic, non-GMO, and gluten free food, then you are welcome to come and visit for a few days!!

We don’t have cell phone service or internet in the mountains, so Bruce’s moms phone number is 403 628-2384.

Blessings in Jesus

Bruce Bonnie, and Rylee




August, 2014

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.” 1 Corinthians 5:17

Even though it’s only been a short while since our last update, so much has happened that it seems like months ago. Once again we have experienced times of great trial in this season, and also times of incredible blessing that leave us, in awe of God! We have learned that the trials give God opportunity to bring the blessings His way, and not ours. 

One thing God has taught us in this time, is more about His grace. His grace is free to all, but it is not a cheap gift. A repentant heart is necessary, to experience the fullness of His grace. Without a true, open, honest, and repentant heart, there will be brokenness in any relationship, most importantly the one between you and Jesus. We have also learned that the only relationship that we can control is the one between ourselves and Jesus…and quite frankly that is the only one that truly matters in the end…for any of us!

In our last update, we had many prayer requests. One of those prayer requests was for provision for Rylee’s summer camp. As the days approached for her to go, we were feeling discouraged because it seemed like God had other plans. Days before camp was to start, we made a phone call to the camp, to see if there was a possibility of a scholarship. The woman at the other end said “we can absolutely help you with that, we just had someone donate for 20 kids to go to camp!” Thank you Jesus! While Rylee was at camp, we were able to park the bus at friends nearby, and get some more bus renovations done.

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of speaking at Silver Birch Bible Camp. We had an AMAZING week! The Holy Spirit was working overtime, as kids rose to the challenge to ‘get real’ and started repenting and confessing to one another and to Jesus… leaving tons of junk at the foot of the cross. Many chains were broken that week, and many hearts were transformed in Jesus! “The old has gone, the new has come!”

This past week Bruce and I had the honor of helping to care for his Mom, who has had a stroke, continues to struggle with mixed dementia, and is now in waiting for a home care facility. Bruce’s family would covet your prayers in these matters. It is a hard time for everyone, especially Mom.

It is amazing how God works out the details in our lives. We have been trying to sell our truck for months, and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t sell. Yesterday we were planning on heading to BC for three months, and though we have a number of bookings, we haven’t really had peace about being out there for so long. And I had more peace about driving the Coquihalla in January, than I did about taking this trip with the bus. And then God set up some appointments in Calgary for us…some realy breakthroughs! So enlight of this, we decided it didn’t make sense for us to take the bus all the way out to Mission BC, only to have to be back in Calgary for August 26th. And because our truck hasn’t sold, we were able to pick it up in Taber and re-register it!! Why do we question? Will we ever learn that He always has the details worked out?!

So presently we are on our way to Mission, BC to speak at another high school camp at Camp Luther. We are excited for what is to come this week, and trusting God for all of our needs.

Considering that we have to be back in Alberta at the end of August, we feel that God is allowing more time for us to be with Bruce’s Mom as she transitions into a home. We do have Alberta and BC commitments before the New Year that God will need to work out details for us. However we are feeling that God could possibly be changing things up for us. We have no idea what this looks like, and we really need to have attentive eyes and ears, because we don’t want to be out of His will, no matter the cost. Regardless, we are considering selling our bus to see what God does. We need your prayers for this please!

May the Lord bless you for your commitment to pray for us!

Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce, Bonnie, & Rylee




July 2014

Just a quick update today!

“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” John 14: 18

Thankyou for your prayers! Our presentation, and commissioning from our Sask. ‘home church’ went extremely well, and we were very blessed by how well we were received. For me, it felt like I had come full circle…from this life of painful experiences as a child growing up here, being misunderstood and mixed up as a teen and young adult, to coming back and claiming victory in Jesus! It was a day of victory  for me!!

There have also been hard trials during this time but we have been extremely blessed in these last number of weeks, during a time when we felt like orphans and could’ve easily given into the despairing circumstances that we were facing!!

Over and over again this past year, we are slowly learning, in the words of Oswald Chambers, ‘the Conditions of Discipleship’. That is, we are learning to fully understand Luke 14:25-35 in its entirety. (see Oswald Chambers –July 2) We have also come to learn that, as God teaches us these lessons, it is HE, that lovingly gives us our trials for our own equipping, molding, shaping, and most importantly for the building of our faith. This past month has been no different!! Though we expected to go into this summer with an opportunity to relax and catch our breath a little…God had other things in mind for us! We feel like we have come through the hardest test yet….and the TRUE test was whether or not we would keep our eyes fixed on Him through it or not!! Overall, our month has been emotionally hurtful, Spiritually challenging, and downright painful at times…but thanks to God, we have kept the faith, kept our eyes on Jesus, and kept asking HIM what HE wanted us to learn in this time! And through it, God has blessed us so incredibly!

Through this time, God has gifted us with an opportunity to be His hands and feet also! We have been able to help dear friends of ours build their long awaited home! They have raised 10 kids in a house trailer and with their family expanding evermore (maybe time for Grandkids!!!???)…it is time for something bigger!! Bruce has been helping build and I have been helping in the kitchen feeding an average crew of 17, two meals a day! It has been a blessing for all of us to be here. Rylee has had plenty of playmates, and Bruce and I have had the gift of being warmly received and blessed with the true fellowship of the Saints! We are so thankful that we could be here and God has taught us the value of meekness and humility in this time.

This week, we are coming to a time in our summer, where we are needing to spend some time with Bruce’s mom who is having some health issues, get Rylee off to camp, and be prepared for camp speaking at the end of July.

Blessings in Jesus

Bruce, Bonnie, & Rylee




June, 2014


 “And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking , and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.” Luke 11:9-10


Thank you for your continued prayers! We appreciate them more than words can even say! And believe me, there are days when we can literally feel them!


This has been a particularly difficult week! This was the week that we shared my story in my hometown for the first time! My emotions definitely ranged all week, from fear, excitement and everything in between! I’m so thankful to have had some special people in my life that were there to share it with us!


Also, these past few weeks we have had an unexpected personal trial that has been very difficult to navigate through. I suppose it should be no surprise that we would expect attack from the enemy when we are fulfilling God’s mission for our lives, it’s just that some forms of attack, hurt more than others. Though it would not be appropriate to share details with you, your prayers would be very much appreciated for Bruce and I to know where to go from here and how to navigate through this time, in a loving, Christ-like way.


Meanwhile, I am still working on my book, though these trials have taken much of my energy lately and I am certainly not as far along as I was hoping to be by this time. Perhaps, now, I can focus a little better in the weeks to come. Bruce is presently away recording an album for a good friend of his and will be home in a few days.


God has been incredibly faithful to get us through this time. We are so thankful for the provision for all of our needs, and the sometimes, incredibly surprising ways that He provides! We have a big God and He has promised us that He would provide everything we need if we followed Him and trusted. But your prayers are very much appreciated and important for our strengthening! 


(Thank you for your prayers for our daughter Denai! She has arrived safely back at home and she had an amazing experience with YWAM!)


Blessings in Jesus!!


Bruce, Bonnie and Rylee






May 6, 2014 

"Do all things without grumbling or arguing, so that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Hold firmly to the word of life." Phil 2:14-16a

We are very exhausted! (but we are not grumbling or complaining!!) We are very excited about what God is doing!!

This week we are in Taber, Ab. for business matters, Board meetings, and our AGM on Thursday, May 8!!


After the Easter Break we finished our Northern Sask. tour in Meadow Lake, Sk.! We had a great week in Meadow Lake, speaking at many venues, and were warmly welcomed and taken care of by our host Pastor Tyler Coupland and his family! Rylee made another new friend and got her fill of kitties at John and Cherry Gibsons!  In Meadow Lake we were able to speak to about 50 gr. 9 boys in the Junior High (health class) about relevant teen issues such as divorce, depression, suicide, self-harm, addictions, bullying, teen pregnancy, abortion, and the hurt behind it all. IT WAS AMAZING!! As we spoke we could just see breakthrough in so many of the boys! As I talked about the hurt that kids are facing in our world today, and how we try to cover up all the hurt to make it seem like we have it all together, the tears were welling up in a lot  of their eyes! Each boy shook our hands as they left and the teachers said they have never seen the boys listen so well to a speaker! "They were captivated! It was so powerful! Thank you for coming!" was the response from the health teacher. We spoke to the principal afterward and she gave us an open invitation back into Jonas Samson Junior High school whenever we are available!! 

From there we went on to Bonnyville, Ab. where we were hosted by Pastor Ken Jessgar! We also had an amazing week there! Bruce was the only man at ladies night, when we presented at Bonnyville Community church the day we arrived! We had an amazing turn out and an awesome response from so many!! (Bruce doesn't really want to do ladies nights anymore! A little too much out of his comfort zone!! lol) Friday night we did a town-wide youth event and we were so encouraged to see many youth from all different churches gathering together!! Our time in Bonnyville was awesome and we were happy to get time with some of my family!

After our AGM on Thursday we will head back to Sask. where we can park for a time at the lake…just in time for summer!! I have been really wanting to have a few months set aside so that I can finish my book and so that is what I will be working on! Bruce has some recording projects lined up, will be setting up our fall tour, and is planning on doing some work on the bus with my dad. He also wants to get some song writing done! We are also hoping to put together a presentation in North Battleford while we are in the area! 

At the end of July we have been asked to be camp speakers at Silverbirch camp near Loon Lake, Sk. 

In August we will leave for BC! We are camp speakers at Camp Luther in Mission, BC August 16-22. We will then set up a BC tour for the fall!


Here is the info:

Water through the Word RADIO is heard on Sirius/XM-Family Talk Channel 131 on Sunday Mornings at 11:00 am (EST), 8:00am (PST), broadcasting nationally to a subscriber population of 22.3 million listeners. 

Erin's recent guests include:  Anne Graham Lotz, Priscilla Shirer, Liz Curtis Higgs, Chonda Pierce, Joyce Meyer, Stephen Baldwin, Carol Kent, and many Christian Recording artists, Christian Authors, and "girl/guy next door testimonies" of faith, etc.

Blessings in Jesus!

Bruce, Bonnie, and Rylee

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation






April 15, 2014

Wow! There is so much to tell that I don't even know what to include and what to leave out!! I'm just going to list a whole bunch of 'miracle stories'...

First of all, we just have to say how very much we appreciate this prayer team!! Your prayers have upheld us through some really difficult struggles, and continue to encourage us when things haven't been so hard. Please know that we DO APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR KIND AND ENCOURAGING WORDS!!!

We had an amazing week in Prince Albert, Sk. Our time at Ranch Ehrlo, youth group homes, was incredible, in fact the kids made us a great big card and brought it to our concert night with 'Cities Under Fire' and they all came so they could hear us speak again! The staff told us that their 'home' is our home and that we are welcome anytime to come back!

Our time at the Youth Remand prisons were amazing too! We were able to speak to both min. and max security and the staff told us that never have they had the kids sit so still that you could hear a pin drop, for any other speaker that they have had in! That was encouraging to hear and we were allowed to connect with the kids afterward so that they had time to share a bit of their stories with us too. We were thankful for those connections and that we were able to let kids know how much Jesus loves them!! One of the toughest boys who walked in with his hood up, refused to shake my hand, and wouldn't speak a word, upon our arrival, went to his room afterward and brought back one of his nicest pieces of art to give to us after. He said, "I want you to have this." It was a pencil drawing of three hearts linked together. I asked him if he would label them, Father, Son, Holy Spirit for me. He said, "that seems fitting." We have it hanging in our bus!

When we were at the Penitentiary, we were able to have coffee with the men afterward. One of the men thanked me profusely for reminding him to keep his eyes fixed on Jesus. He told me that he had been in and out of institutions ever since he was 10 years old. He said, "Every time I get out I think I can do this on my own, and then I end up back in here!" It broke my heart to hear this guy tell us his story of how he had been found in a dresser drawer at 6 days old in a crack house! He thanked us for reminding him that he needs to keep his eyes looking up ALL the time!! Wow!

Friday night (April 4) was our city wide youth event with Cities Under Fire as our headline band!! It was so amazing!! And we were very happy to have a packed cafeteria of youth from all over PA and surrounding area! I think we all felt that it was a great fit and we hope it won't be our last event together! We have had incredible feedback on how impactful the evening was for youth and the amazing followups that staff, youth Pastors, and community personnel have been able to have with youth! Hearing these stories has been very encouraging for us!!

The last Sunday that we spoke in PA was April 6. We spoke at the Canadian Revival Center in the morning and then three back to back presentations at the women's min., med., and max security prison. This was particularly intimidating for me as all of the women were very hard, cold, and 'walls up' when I greeted each of them, as they came through the door. After our first session, each of them hugged me (which apparently was a 'no no!') Never the less, one of the hardest women that came into that room that day, broke down to her knees, wailing in the hallway after she left and was being escorted back to her cell. Please pray for all the hearts that were touched by Jesus that day!! God is sooooo good. So much healing!

As our time came to a close in PA, God sent us a miracle by the name of Wayne who is an electrical genius and who fixed all of our problems with our aqua hot heater!!!

Thank you Pastor Gregg Rustalka and Lynn for being such incredible hosts for us during our time in PA!! Your 'behind the scenes' planning and commitment to having us in PA has not gone un-noticed!! Also, thank you Howard and Jenny for allowing us a safe and peaceful place to park our bus for almost two weeks!!

This is one of my favourite moments since we have been on the road for the past 8 months:

We arrived in Tisdale at the end of last week because we had 4 days of speaking engagements, and preaching lined up for us there. Friday night the ladies of the community had set up a spa night for the girls of their unite youth group. The Lord had laid on my heart that day that I should focus on suicide when I spoke to the girls that night. So, when I was finished telling my story, I said to the girls, "the Lord has asked me to focus on 'suicide' tonight and so I just really want to encourage any of you, that if you are struggling with this, or have in the past, to please promise me that you will talk to someone." There was one girl in particular that I could see was just trying to hold it together. Afterward, she went and talked to one of the counsellors that were available that night and then they called me over. She said to me, "I just want to thank you so much. I have been praying for two weeks for God to send someone to me who will understand what I have been going through and who will help save me. I have just wanted to commit suicide, it's like I can't get it out of my head, and I've been praying for help. Thankyou so much for coming here." OKAY!!!! IS THAT NOT COOL!! GOD IS SO AMAZING HOW HE SET THAT EVENING UP EVEN IF IT WAS JUST FOR THAT GIRL!!!

There have been many cool things that God has used us for, but ALL of this, even the tough times have been worth it, if only for that one girl in Tisdale, Saskatchewan!!!!!!!!

Now we are in Shellbrook, Sk. and we will be here for the entire week! Tomorrow afternoon we are speaking in the Public school to the Gr. 8-12's!! Please pray for this! The principal has asked us to share our story even though I have been very clear that I can't share my story without Jesus. She said she was aware of that, but she wanted her kids to hear it because it was 'my story.' Pray that I will choose my words wisely so as to not offend, but also so as to share the full impact of the story.


April/May 2014, will be the first months since we have begun, that we will have enough donations that have come in to cover all of our expenses for the month!! In fact, we were given enough to fill our diesel tank to the FULL this time!!! (which is a first in many many months!!) And we had a little extra to get Bruce some new shoes, and some summer clothes for all three of us! This is really really encouraging for us! Thankyou!!!!

We look forward to some 'down time' over Easter and are back on the road headed to Meadow Lake, Sk. and Bonnyville, Ab. for the end of April, beginning of May. Then back to Taber for our AGM on May 8, 2014! It will be held at E-Free church in Taber at 7pm. All are welcome!

Blessings in Jesus!

Bruce, Bonnie & Rylee




April 4, 2014

Just a really quick update! We are definitely feeling your prayers and the Holy Spirit has accompanied us everywhere we have gone this week!!! Here are a few quick highlights:

1. On Tuesday when we spoke at a church an elderly gentleman came up to us after weeping and weeping. He said to me, "I need to tell you something. Never, never, never, never quit telling your story. You have just helped me understand my daughter and the past 30 years of her choices. I need to go home and call her tonight."

2. Wednesday we spoke at the Federal Penitentiary. It was very surreal being there…seeing all of the levels of cells that go up and surround the centre square. Walking past the hallways of cells, knowing these men are here for a very long time. When we spoke, there was a small chapel that filled with men. Some very large and mean looking men. As I spoke, and shared, slowly each of them at one point or another were brought to a point of tears. That wasn't me speaking…that was the Holy Spirit working in their hearts.

3. Last night we spoke at the youth remand lock up side, and again at the medium security side. 

The staff told us that never have they had someone in to speak where the guys sat so still that you could hear a pin drop. Afterwards we got to stay and mingle with the guys on both sides. Some really opening up and sharing their heartbreaking stories. One of the boys after, would not leave my side. He was so thankful that we had come. I just thought he was polite. Through her tears, his worker told me as we were leaving, "You have no idea how good this has been for him. Yesterday, he just came off 3 months of 24 hours suicide watch." 

God is being honoured. Your prayers are being answered. Please continue!! We are only half done here in PA!! Pray for our BIG youth event tonight and for the Head-lining band…Cities Under Fire!!! 

Pray for Sunday when we have a morning church presentation and then 3 back to back presentations at the Max. and Med. security woman's Federal Penitentiary. 






April 1/14


We really need your prayer this week so I just wanted to send out a quick update!


This week we are in Prince Albert, Sk. We have had a very busy few days since we've arrived, but will have even busier days ahead!


It is amazing for us to be here but exhausting as well! Last night we presented at a youth facility for troubled youth and it was amazing! It was somewhat intimidating going in to speak to 25 hardened youth…but walls came down and hugs went all around after we were done! It was awesome!


We have a heavy schedule (which we are thankful for) this week, so could I ask for you to pray for us each day!


This is our schedule for the next 6 days:


1. We present at another church tonight


2. Tomorrow evening we present at the Federal Penitentiary!!!! Please pray for courage for me!! I am very honest when I share my story and by doing so I make myself very vulnerable. Not too many things make me nervous or scared but I am very nervous to share in front of an audience of hardened criminals even though I know this is what we are called to do! Please pray for courage for both of us going in!


3. Thursday we share at the Youth Remand Centre to youth who are locked up.


4. Friday we are so excited to share our presentation time with 'Cities Under Fire,' an incredible Christian Rock band, for a city-wide youth event!!


5. Saturday afternoon we do it all over again with Cities Under Fire!!


6. Sunday we present in the morning at a church in Prince Albert, and then we have 3 back to back, 1 hour presentations at the Provincial Women's jail!!! (I am nervous about this one as well!)


God is very cool…all of these opportunities are because He opened the doors(and a lot of hard work on the part of the PA Ministerial!!)…and we are excited!


Please pray for endurance, strength, and courage for us this week!


Blessings in Jesus,









March 22, 2014

Paul, an apostle of the Lord…”I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit--just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call—one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephes. 4:1-6

Firstly, I have to say, that since our last update when we were so discouraged and felt like we were hanging on by a thread…WE HAVE FELT YOUR PRAYERS AND GOD HAS SHOWN US AMAZING MIRACLES!!! We are so thankful for each of you and for your commitment to lift us up in prayer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

We knew our time in the lower mainland was coming to a close so we prayed about where God wanted us to go before we left. He made it clear that we were to go back to House of Hope in south Langley and we were also to contact a Pastor friend that we met when we had first arrived in BC., Brent Borthwick. Our time at House of Hope was again a time of real blessing for us and we were able to pour into the staff and residents while we were there.

Next, we were invited to Brents church WindWord Ministries for the last weekend of our time in BC. We had a prophetic team from Bethel speak over us, encouraging us in our faith walk, and speaking into things that they couldn’t ever have known had the Holy Spirit Himself, not laid it on their hearts to speak. We felt very encouraged, very filled, and very blessed by the Holy Spirit through this team!! The words they spoke confirmed for us the direction that the Lord was leading us. We do understand in Spiritual matters such as these, we need to be wise and discerning. We also realize that we must be willing to let God speak, using people who He chooses, to encourage us along our way. God used this team in amazing ways to encourage us in our faith at a time when we were extremely discouraged! Words of prophecy should be edifying, for building up, encouragement, and rooted in Christ. Please pray that as we continue to encounter these experiences we would be attentively listening and discerning. Please pray this for us: “But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.” Hebrews 5:14

In Abbottsford, we were blessed by the company of Lando and Kathy Klassen who own the House of James book store. They had us for lunch so that we could visit and discuss the ins and outs of book publishing! Lando was very helpful in offering advice of what to look for in an editor as well as a publisher. I am excited for the time when my book is ready for this!!

As we left the lower mainland and proceeded over the Coquihalla, God would give us our greatest test yet. AND…one of our greatest miracles!! We were heading to Kamloops to spend a few days of fellowship with an old band mate of Bruce’s. I was thanking the Lord as I was driving because even though there was many avalanches that had come down, the roads had already been cleared ahead of us and it was sunny and melting at the summit!! As we descended down through Merritt and proceeded to climb the second summit, I was climbing a 6% grade to the top, and the bus died! JUST DIED!! I managed to get over to the far right of the three lanes to get out of the way, but what we were to do now?!! We have come to believe this: That because of your prayers for us to have unshakeable faith, not to be tossed to and fro on the waves, that we were, in this most difficult moment, able to hand this entire situation to God!! AND LISTEN TO WHAT HE DID WITH IT…..

So, as Bruce ran to the back of the bus to see if he could find out what was wrong, I sat in the driver seat and I said this prayer: “God, I do not understand this one! I can either sit here and cry, or I can give you all authority in this…so here, you take this situation and you use it for whatever you need to use it for.” In my mirrors, I could see Bruce pacing back and forth along the side of the bus, from the back of the bus to the front. He was on the phone trying to figure out if his friend, knew anyone in Kamloops who was a diesel mechanic. I sat in the drivers seat, trying to fight every temptation to panic and trying to focus on God’s sovereignty in this. A few minutes later, Bruce came to the door and said, “You will never believe this! It turns out that ‘Ken’ from their church is a diesel mechanic. Only problem is that Ken is away on holidays. And it turns out Ken and his wife, Melody are presently on their way back from holidays and are at the Tim Hortons in Merritt!!! They want to know what you want in your coffee!!”

One of the things we were really praying for before we left Alberta was AMA because we know how much money it is to tow a bus!! God didn’t provide the money we needed for AMA and we could not understand why!!

So now here we are stranded on the side of the road climbing the Coquihalla!!15 minutes after the original phone call, I see this couple getting out of their car behind the bus. I got out and started walking to the back of the bus, and I will never forget this friendly warm smile coming from this woman who was juggling trays of coffee and donuts! Such a relief to see a friendly smiling face in the midst of incredible stress!! Ken got right to work, trying to diagnose the problem, which was really hard to do considering that the bus had lost all juice in the 20 minutes that it had sat on the edge of the road. He managed to jump start the bus by letting it roll backwards (YIKES!!) So at least we knew it would start! Finally he decides we need to tow it into Kamloops! (ANOTHER YIKES!) Ken and Melody had prayed before they arrived and had already decided that they would endure the costs to help us fix the bus, so when they saw the look of panic in our faces when he said we needed to have it towed…they assured us that they were taking care of everything!! WOW!! Did I mention that Ken was not only a diesel mechanic, he was the manager of the Peterbilt in Kamloops!!!(And probably the best diesel mechanic in the area!) He had the bus towed to his shop and him and his brother worked on it until 2am and then drove it up to our friends house for us. The next day they came to the house and finished working on it, as far as I can understand it was a relay that shorted out because I was using my hazards climbing the summit. The relay shorted and caused the emergency shut-off on the bus to shut everything down! (like I said, as far as I know…but really only God and Ken know all the details!) When they were finished working on the bus, Ken also took me for a driving lesson to help me master the art of double clutching…NO MORE GRINDING GEARS FOR THIS GIRL!! He had us drive the bus to their house and then FILLED OUR FREEZER WITH BEEF!!! (They had no way of knowing that only three days before, I went to make supper and our freezer had one fish left in it and I prayed for meat!!) God used Ken and Melody to bless us beyond what we could have ever imagined!!

This is what happened for them: When Bruce’s friend, Nevin phoned Ken to see if he could suggest a diesel mechanic, Ken and Melody had just been listening to Focus on the Family…the speaker was talking about how God gives each of us gifts. These gifts are given to us so that we can bless other people with them. The speaker went on to say, “Look for opportunities that God puts in your way to use your gifts to bless others and to honor Him.”…And then the phone rang and it was Nevin asking for help on our behalf!!

Over and over Ken and Melody kept saying to us “You guys have to know, that this is just as much of a blessing to us as it is to you.” One thing they shared with us is that they have felt God calling them to step out into something more. Hearing of our faith journey has strengthened and encouraged them. We truly believe that this whole thing was orchestrated by God!! Right down to the smallest detail, like us not being able to afford AMA. In January, we could not understand this but God said, “Trust me and just go.” Had we had AMA a phone call to Ken never would have happened! God is so cool! It’s all about building the body; unity in the body; and encouraging one another in their walk. We have come to believe that perhaps God even gives us our trials; how else does a father teach His children; how does a Captain prepare his soldiers; it is through hard, rigorous training and discipline.

Our time in BC was unbelievably amazing! Edifying, molding and shaping with trials, and also extreme blessings!! We truly feel like we have ‘family’ everywhere we could possibly go in BC! What a gift!

We arrived back in Alberta with another amazing miracle! Once we arrived in Taber, on Friday night, Bruce and I were walking downtown and saw a friends vehicle at New Life church. We have many friends there so it wasn’t unusual for us to walk in and say ‘Hi’. It turned out it that wasn’t the vehicle that we thought, however, the worship team was practicing. They told us that there was a prophetic team coming from Regina that weekend and invited us to come to the worship service that night. We decided that this was one of many Divine appointments that God had set before us, and that we should take in this opportunity! This is what the woman who was leading the Prophetic team, said as she took to the mic…”Normally I open up a weekend seminar with teaching, but tonight I feel like I am just supposed to prophesy over people.” Shortly after she began, she picked Bruce and I out of the crowd and called us up to the front. Many of the words that she spoke over us were many of the encouragements that were spoken over us JUST ONE WEEKEND BEFORE WHEN WE WERE AT WINDWORD in BC!! There is no way that she could’ve known where we are at in our faith walk, the trials, and the blessings that she spoke about…and there is no way she could have known that these were words already spoken over us, except that we knew it was God giving us more assurance through her!! What an incredible encouragement for us! We have felt so incredibly blessed by God through our experience there! (And it was great to re-connect with old friends!)

Sunday we were very warmly welcomed at our home church at E-Free in Taber… and it truly was good to be HOME! We tried to get as many visits in as we could, and if we missed you this trip, please accept our apologies and know we will be back in May and will do our best to connect with you! Thank you for the meals and the fellowship!

While we were in Taber, I did an hour and half ‘on air’ studio interview with a Cincinnati radio station, Water through the Word, hosted by Erin Campbell. Once the final editing is done, Erin will let me know the date and time of airing! This is very exciting as Erin’s program is heard by 22.3 million listeners on Sunday mornings! She asked me questions about the faith journey that God has us on; our call; and my story. We are excited to hear the finished product! Erin was extremely happy with our interview and very encouraging for us to keep persevering in our faith journey. She has said she wants to do another interview with me and we have been invited down to the States to come into the studio! Erin’s program is heard on Sirius/XM-Family talk Channel 131 on Sunday mornings at 11am Est and 8am Pst. We will let you know, when the airing will be for our interview!

Probably unrelated, but since I have done the interview, we have also just received an invitation to come to Bujumbura Burundi AFRICA to minister and speak! WHAAAAATTTT!!

Anyhow, if I wasn’t tired before we arrived in Taber, I sure was when it came time to leave. We spent most of our time catching up on tons of administrative work and connecting with our board of directors. God has confirmed this for me: Though I value people who are…I am NOT put on this earth for admin. work, accounting, or computer services!! THIS IS VERY CLEAR! In fact, the words ‘computer stupid’ come to mind! (Thank you JUDY for spending and entire day of your life to help get me on the right track!) After church on Sunday we were very encouraged by a friend who talked to Bruce and shared Exodus 18 with him. He encouraged Bruce by telling him that he would be praying for someone to help us with admin work because we can’t carry the whole load ourselves. He was authentically concerned for the load we were carrying and it was very encouraging for us to know that God had laid that on his heart!

Please note, we will be back in Taber at the beginning of May, and our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday May 8, 2014.  Location to be announced.

Until next time…..Blessings in Jesus!

Bruce, Bonnie & Rylee.

Tree of Life-Hope Foundation




March 6, 2014

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”     Joshua 1:9

Since my last update, we have had some incredibly amazing times and some very difficult times of molding and shaping!! We are now back on the mainland and are slowly making our way back to Alberta for a board meeting and then back to Sask. for another Northern Saskatchewan tour!

First, I want to tell you all about our time on the Island! To be perfectly honest, there were parts of it that were very difficult! Continuously giving things over to God and trusting His provision for everything has been very stretching for us! And just when we are discouraged and are ready to say, “We can’t go on” then God shows up and gives us exactly what we need to get to the next place!!! Just enough groceries, just enough diesel!! So we GO ON! We spent a week in Port Alberni, and got our socks blessed off!! Friends we were staying with made us feel so much a part of their home, a woman we met took us under her wing and pampered us, connected us, took us to church, had friends pray over us, anoint us, bless us, feed us, and love on us!! It was an amazing time! We were able to meet with a Pastor in Port Alberni and pray and encourage him, but mostly our time there, we discovered, was for our own filling and being taken care of! We left with thankful hearts!

Next, we had our snowed in week in Comox while we Rylee flew to Sask. to visit to her dad! (Thank goodness for airmiles!:)

From Comox, we headed up to Port Hardy! Pastor George and Karen, our new friends in Port Hardy are amazing people and need our prayers! They had this vision from God to be a church in the center of town. So they actually bought the hotel in the center of town and have transformed part of it into a church!! The old stripper bar is now their sanctuary and they have an amazing ministry to many many hurting people in Port Hardy! They are very busy as they not only run the church now, but also the Hotel!! We were able to park our bus in the parking lot and basically have a ‘bus ministry’ for the week that we were there! Our parking lot was the local hangout for all the drunk, homeless, and unemployed people in Port Hardy! What incredible opportunities we had to feed people, pray with people, love on people and shine Jesus’ light in their lives! What a beautiful place Port Hardy is, and it was such a blessing to be only a few minutes walk the beach to collect shells and pretty stones for Rylee!

Our trip back to Comox through a snow storm in the mountain passes was not fun but we arrived safely back in Comox only to be snowed in again and stuck in our RV sight for a few more days!

So now, we are back on the mainland! We spent a few more days at our friends in Mission because we parked our bus at their home and made it our home base again. They too, have welcomed us like family, and blessed us so incredibly in our time there! Last Sunday, evening we spoke at a church in Coquitlam, and then Tuesday we spoke to another High School in Port Coquitlam.  Yesterday we arrived back at the House of Hope, which is a recovery center for women in the lower mainland. We spoke here this morning and spent the day ministering to the women here and building relationship with them.  We were also able to spend some time with some of the staff, praying with them, and encouraging them in their work here, which can be very tough some days!

Tomorrow we leave for Aldergrove, where we have been invited to spend the weekend with a church to partake in some training seminars. Though our time in BC has almost come to a close, we have been invited back to be camp speakers for Senior High camp at Camp Luther in Mission in August, and we have also been invited back to speak at many of the places we were on the Island, including Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo, Port Hardy, and others.

Though we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in BC, we are anxious to start our Northern Sask. tour! We have been booked back to many places that we visited last fall and have two months of ministry lined up for the spring! When we are in Prince Albert, the ministerial there, has set up speaking engagements for us in the men’s penitentiary, the women’s prison, the youth correctional, Rancho Elro, and a HUGE YOUTH EVENT WITH US AS MAIN SPEAKERS, AND CITIES UNDER FIRE AS THE HEADLINING BAND!! We are sooo excited for this time!!!

“May God bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”      Numbers 6:24-26

Blessing in Jesus,

Bruce, Bonnie, and Rylee



Jan. 31/14

“But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”                                             Jeremiah 17:7-8

A year and a half ago, when God first started laying on our hearts Tree of Life, and what He wanted that to look like, one thing that He made very clear, as many of you know, is that we were just to go and trust Him to provide all of our needs. We were not to fundraise, we were not to ask, we were not to even let an honorarium (or lack of one) to come between going out to the places where He was calling us. Also, many of you know how stretching this has been for us, AND what an incredible blessing it has been too!! But can I just tell you what an AMAZING GOD we love and serve!!!! Let me tell you about our latest adventures!!

Last weekend, Bruce and I had the privilege of having a table/booth, at one of the biggest Missions Conferences in Canada!

This is how it happened:                                                                                                      

When we were in Mission, BC., many people gave us handouts and pamphlets about Missions Fest (which we didn’t even know was happening) We prayed about it and decided we should at least phone to inquire about having a table. The woman told me that they had a few tables left but that they were $700.00!!! I explained to her that we were mobile missionaries who were living on faith and there was no way that we could afford $700.00! She told me that I should maybe send in an application anyway because they would rather have the tables filled than empty. So I submitted the info that I needed to, and we prayed that if we were supposed to be there, that God would open the doors that needed to be opened.  A few days later I got an email that the director of Missions Fest had approved our application and that our table would be in the center isle along with some of the most well known Mission organizations internationally! She said the cost of our table would be $990.00.  I thanked her for the opportunity but emailed her back and explained that we could not afford that. She told me that she remembered our conversation and she suggested that I submit a letter stating what we could afford. So I submitted a letter stating that we couldn’t really afford anything because we were living completely on faith and we were just trusting God to provide what we needed as He was leading us along the way. She emailed back and said that in exceptional cases like ours they required a minimum $100.00 fee!! In the same time that I received the confirmation email telling us that our table would cost $100.00, Bruce was on the phone with a friend explaining how awesome God was and how He had opened this door for us. Bruce’s friend said that he wanted tot pay the $100.00 for us!! JESUS DID THAT!!

But it gets better!! Then we had to figure out where and how we were going to park our tour bus downtown Vancouver for an entire weekend, how we were to get to and from the Vancouver Convention Center from the bus, and how we were to make our meals all weekend in the bus because of my allergies without a plug-in. So we prayed about all of these things and asked God to take care of all of the details so that we could realistically go to the conference. It ended up that there was a parking lot reserved for exhibitors at the cost of $5.00/day. Even though they don’t normally allow busses to park in the lot, I made arrangements ahead of time with the man who was in charge of impark in downtown Vancouver for us to park there regardless, and with permission for us to run our generator so we could cook our meals. We were also able to leave our bus parked there each night as well! IF YOU CAN IMAGINE, THE ENTIRE WEEKEND COST US $20.00!! ($15.00 for parking/accommodations and $5.00 for McDonalds coffees!!)   JESUS DID THAT!!!!!!

The conference was AMAZING!! The greatest blessing for us was this:

Because God has asked us to just listen to Him, go where He leads, and trust Him to provide, it has completely freed us from the bondage of being desperate for our provision!! Because of this, we were able to love on so many people at Mission Fest, share our hearts, our mission, and our faith, listen to peoples stories, and pray for people. REALLY TRULY AND AUTHENTICALLY JUST SHARE JESUS’ LOVE WITH PEOPLE BECAUSE WE WERE NOT DESEPARATE TO GET PEOPLE TO SUPPORT US!! Even trying to fill up bookings was not at all our focus! We believe that God put us there, just to authentically love and show people who Jesus is. I can’t even express to you what an incredible blessing it was for us to be able to have this freedom in Christ.

And there is more!!!!

Monday after the conference was Rylee’s 12th birthday! We had been praying that God would provide a way for us to take her to the Vancouver Aquarium for her birthday, and also to the Science center on Tuesday for a homeschool field trip. In order to do that we also needed provision to park our bus at Capilano RV Park and we needed bus fares to get to and from the RV Park both days. Again, God provided in His surprising and amazing way, in His incredible time and we were able to do all of these things for her!! JESUS DID THAT!

After our three days of family time, we were planning on making our way to the Island to start our ministering there as long as God provided the way. However, we have learned that as we follow, we need to be fairly flexible in our plans to allow for God’s leading. As we were praying for direction, we had a phone call from a woman that Bruce has been playing phone tag with. And we had our new direction….

So we have been at the House Of Hope in South Langley since last Wednesday evening. It is a treatment and retreat center for women. We have been able to share ‘our story’ with the resident women that are here and we have been able to love on the staff and women, helping out wherever we are needed. Bruce has been helping Ron, the property manager and helping out in the donation storehouse; Rylee has been helping with chores with the cows and just blessing the women with the presence of a child; and I have been able to help the women in the greenhouses, spend some one on one time with some of them, and pray with each of them through the days. It has been a blessing to be here, and we have been so blessed by the staff as well! Friday night they sent us out for a family night at Castle Fun Park in Abbottsford and we had so many laughs together!!

This week, we will stay at House of Hope for the first part of the week as we pray for direction for where God wants us to minister next.

Oh…one more quick blurb! Through a guy that we met at Missions Fest; a Cincinnati, OH radio station has heard about our faith journey and our ministry and wants to do an interview with us for one of their broadcasts! How cool is that!!! The Director of Broadcasting for Water through the Word RADIO, heard weekly on Sirius XM Family Talk Channel 131has arranged for me to do a phone interview with Erin Campbell who has interviewed many Christian authors and musicians such as Joyce Meyers!!  I’ll keep you posted of the date of airing!!  JESUS DID THAT!!!!


                                                                                                                              Many blessings in Jesus!

                                                                                                                              Bruce, Bonnie and Rylee



Jan. 15/14 blog entry

This is what the Lord says:  “In the time of my favor I will answer you, and in the day of salvation I will help you; I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people, to restore the land and to reassign its desolate inheritances, to say to the captives, ‘Come out,’ and to those in darkness, ‘Be free!’ “             Isaiah 49:8,9a

Just to catch you up on a few of our experiences while we are in BC!!                                                        We arrived in Mission, BC on Tuesday, Jan. 7. We are parked at an incredible acreage just outside of Mission where friends of Bruce live, and they have been an incredible blessing to us!!  (It is very beautiful here!)                                                                  

Thurs. Jan. 9, we spoke at a High School in Port Coquitlam and had an incredible response from so many kids and teachers! One of the girls that came up to talk to me afterward just wept on my shoulder for about 10 minutes. She just wept and wept. I have been in contact with the school since, and they have been following up closely with her to make sure she has the resources that she needs to help her through this time.  A follow up letter that we received from one of the teachers said this: “Thank you for speaking in our chapel today for missions week. To date, you have been the most impactful speakers that we have had so far this year. We will be following up with the students that were deeply impacted by your story.”  So yeah…that was really encouraging to get!!                                       

Last weekend a few of our friends gave us pamphlets for BC Missions Fest, which is next weekend (Jan. 24-26) at Vancouver Convention Centre!! We thought we should inquire about the possibility of having a table there even though our budget is VERY limited!! We prayed for God to open doors if we were supposed to be there… LONG story short, we got a table that is worth almost $1000.00, across from one of the main speakers tables, & they gave us a 90% discount!!!! There are 35,000 people that go through Mission Fest BC and we get to be there to share our hearts, our faith, & our ministry!!!  JESUS DID THAT for us!!!!!                                                           

March 2 we are booked at a church in Coquitlam and March 4 we have another school booking in Port Coquitlam. The Principal emailed us last night to ask if we would come and speak to his gr.8-12’s before we left BC.                                           

Next week we will head to the Island for some potential bookings, meetings, and whatever  else God has for us!                                        

Blessings in Jesus!! 

Bruce, Bonnie & Rylee          



Jan. 2014 Blog entry

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

December Overview

We spent the month of December at the lake in Saskatchewan and enjoyed some much needed rest. Bruce is recovering slowly so it was good for him to have some down time. He is still having some ongoing chest pain, weakness, and dizziness but the doctors assure us that they are normal symptoms of his body still ridding itself of the clots, a process, which can take months. Your prayers for his health are very welcome!

The Lord has used some of our closest friends and family to bless us in this time. It has been difficult having to cancel all of our bookings since the end of October, but God has been faithful, and we have always had a place to park the bus, food on our table, and our needs met!  We feel so blessed! I was able to get my airbrakes ticket over the break, just in time to head through the mountains, and we are so thankful for the way God provided that too!!

January Overview

We have had a great week in Taber connecting with close friends, though we didn’t get to see everyone that we wanted to! We have had a heated shop to park the bus in all week and it has been a real blessing!!!! Thanks to great friends, we got some work done on the bus that needed doing and today we are truly cutting the umbilical cord as we head out to BC…God willing!! We go in His leading! We are booked in Port Coquitlam for Jan. 9, 2014 and I felt it best to allow us 6 days travel to get safely through the mountains. After the 9th, we will be heading to Port Moody, Surrey, Langley, Victoria, Port Alberni, Comox, Campbell River, Port Hardy, and wherever else the Lord leads us!!


Dec. 5/13


We are so excited to share with you this incredible news that we have been waiting for!! 


Tree of Life-Hope Foundation now has a Charitable partner under whose umbrella we are able to receive donations for Tree of Life AND ISSUE TAX RECEIPTS!! 


Our new partner is The Great Commission Foundation!! They are a Charitable Trust 


Organization whose mission is to support the spreading of the gospel. They partner with Christian organizations like Tree of Life- Hope Foundation to make it easier for organizations to accept and receipt donations, and to have accountability in our financial status. We are soooooo excited for this new partnership, which became official as of Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013!!


If you would like to support us financially, in what God has called us to, please send your donation payable to:


The Great Commission Foundation




3-1335 Trans Canada Way S.E. 


Medicine Hat, Ab.


T1B 1J1


To make a credit card donation, call:


1 403 488-7020


or you can download a form at 


Their charity # is: 859928483RR0001


God is asking us to go; He has promised us that He will provide abundantly; and we fully trust Him in this. 


If you feel that one of the ways that God will provide for us, is through your financial support, then we trust He will be clear in speaking to you this way as well!! 


Regardless of your personal decision financially, we value most of all your covering of prayer.


Thank you!! We could not do this without all of your prayers, support, and encouragement!


Many blessings in Jesus!


Bruce and Bonnie Rawling


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


403 360-9395 Bonnie


403 634-8790 Bruce







Dec. 1/13


Shipwrecked in Malta


First of all, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and may Christ's blessings be with you and your family this season as we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus!! 


Since we left Taber in Sept. 2013, we have experienced such incredible blessing that it has literally blown us away! We have also experienced such incredible trials that we are very happy to have the next few weeks to relax and catch our breath!


I believe that my last blog post was when we were in Moose Jaw and Bruce was fighting for his life with multiple blood clots in both his lungs. THANK YOU for all of your prayers and encouragement during this time!! He is definitely on the mend. Since then, we have spent a week in Taber, catching up with friends, taking care of business, getting some regular maintenance done on the bus, and visiting all of our Young Life friends and teachers from the Junior and Senior high!! It was sooooo good to see everyone!


From there we headed to Calgary to spend a day with Bruce's mom and her husband. We were hoping to get into Calgary before dark so that I didn't have to drive in the dark, and of course that didn't happen! There is only one thing more stressful than driving the Deerfoot in a 5 speed, 42 foot tour bus, and that is driving it at night!! Our first 3 miles into the Deerfoot, and a semi tried to pass me on the right hand lane and then realized that there was another semi pulled over with hazards. He came so close to sideswiping me that he bent all my passenger mirrors back so I had no visual on my passenger side! Anyhow, we made our way to our host church safely and I was very happy to be parked for a couple nights!


A few days later, we left Calgary early in the morning, to avoid a snowstorm, and we then headed to Bonnyville, Ab. for an early Christmas with my family. We had a great time with family! Lots of laughs!! While we were in Bonnyville, the Lord laid it on our hearts to try and connect with as many Pastors as we could. (which is what we have been doing in each community that we have been in; we just hadn't planned on it in Bonnyville because we were there for other reasons...or so we thought.) We met with pastor Ken from the Community church and he was very excited to hear about our ministry. We prayed together and he prayed in such authority for healing for Bruce! Bruce walked into that church on crutches (still from cutting the artery in his foot in September!) and PRAISE GOD HE WALKED OUT OF THAT CHURCH WITHOUT CRUTCHES!!! He hasn't used his crutches since, and his laceration is healing incredibly!! AMAZING!!


A few days later, we aired up the bus, and were ready to pull out of my cousins yard so we could make our meetings in Sherwood Park, Camrose, and Wetaskwin/Ponoka. The bus stalled as I was pulling out of the yard. I lost all oil pressure. Tried to start. Stall. Tried to start. Stall. A neighbour came to look at the bus, my cousins husband looked at it, all to no avail. The best we could figure is that we ended up with a mixture of summer diesel and winter diesel, causing some gelling in the system. Considering it was -27'C there wasn't a whole lot we could do about it! The next day, it warmed up so we tried to start the bus again. After a few turnovers, there was nothing. Perplexed, Bruce and Blair went back to the back of the bus to investigate. The bus was ON FIRE!!! We had the fire out in a quick hurry, thank goodness, we remembered where the fire extinguisher was!! Honestly, in all the stress and trials of the last 4 weeks (it was only Oct. 30 that Bruce went into the hospital and we almost lost him that night in MooseJaw)...seeing the bus on fire was the end of my rope!!! I watered the snowbank with my tears for a long time that night!!


WE VERY MUCH FELT LIKE WE WERE SHIP-WRECKED IN MALTA!!! (Acts 27) God was keeping us in Bonnyville, and we had to just accept that, and ask what he wanted from us! 


Much to our discouragement, yet again, we ended up having to cancel our next bookings!


Sunday we went to Pastor Ken's church and we were given an opportunity to share a little of our faith journey with his congregation!! That was totally unexpected and a real blessing in the midst of our trials!!


After few days, 'the Lord' sent us a mobile mechanic whose last name was 'Lord'!! lol  He was soooo good and he spent a whole day looking for parts, and working on the bus IN THE COLD, and only charged us for 4 hours!!!!! What a relief, a gift, and a blessings!!!!! If you are ever looking for a diesel mechanic in that area his name is Justin Lord (Dark Wolf Contracting)


Anyhow, we are now at my parents house at the lake in Saskatchewan! We will be here for the entire month of December for much needed recuperation and to catch up on tons of administrative work...and also catch some fish in our ice hole! Our kids and grandson will come here for Christmas and then we will be back in Taber to visit. We then have bookings in BC in January/February! Yikes...BC mountains...tour bus...winter...woman driver! Much prayer please!!


When we were at our lowest point in Bonnyville, God gave us this verse in our devotions: 


"We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about the troubles we experienced in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us again. On him, we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many." 


                                                                                                2 Cor 1:8-11


Our trials have strengthened our faith. We hope they have strengthened yours!!


THANKYOU for being part of our friend/prayer team!!!


Many many many blessings this Christmas season!!!


Prayer request list:




*God's abundant provision


*Faith to keep being surrendered to His will 


*Blessing over our bus


*Administrative help and God to provide funds for it


*Open doors for our BC tour and confirmation of booking details


*Safe travel to BC


*Covering over our Southern Alberta and Northern Sask. tour and the details of it, for the spring of 2014


*Open doors in Central/Northern Alberta for late Spring 2014.


Bruce and Bonnie Rawling


Tree of Life 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Nov. 3/13

Prayers are being answered!! Yesterday was the first time Bruce was up and around on his crutches!! He tires easily, but this is incredible progress from Tuesday night!! I wasn't sure he was going to make it through Tuesday night...and yesterday we walked down to the hospital chapel together to pray and thank God for His healing and for all the prayers that have been lifted for us this past week! God is so good!!

THANKYOU!! We have felt so loved and cared for!

Bruce has been off of the Heparin for a day now, but he is having infrequent chest pains since being off of it so we will have to monitor that. He is also still coughing up blood but the doctor said it will take a good few weeks to clear his lungs, and a month of rest after that. He will be on Wafarin for about 6 months after being discharged. Hopefully he will be discharged sometime this week. 

Our plan is then to head to Taber. We have a board meeting scheduled for Tree of Life and we have a few things to finish up there, as well as friends to see! Then, I believe we will make our way North, we have meetings in Calgary, Ponoka, Sherwood Park, and a Christmas in November planned in Bonneyville with family.

A friend of ours gave us this verse yesterday, and it resonated with us:

"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him."    John 9:3

Blessings in Jesus,






October 30/13

We have had an amazing month so far of incredible blessings with our new ministry and God is opening incredible doors for is really blowing our minds!

We left Saskatoon this morning heading for Caronport, Sk. and the plan was to make our way to southern Alberta for a booking in Lethbridge, Ab. on the 6th of Nov. However, Bruce was having some chest pain last night and even more this morning. I made the decision not to take him into the hospital in Saskatoon today, because I wanted to get the bus down to Caronport where our kids were. We took him into the emergency in Moose Jaw early this afternoon. 

Here is the diagnosis: He has pneumonia which he picked up along our travels. Along with this he has multiple blood clots in his lungs that are now causing severe chest pain and extreme difficulty in his breathing. The suspicion is that the clots have been caused by sepsis from the laceration in his foot which has not been healing properly. The fear is that there are other clots in the rest of his body as well. He has been having sharp stabbing pain in his right calf, and in the right side of his head for the past few days as well. He is on morphine, adavan, and a new blood thinner that is supposed to be more effective than warfarin. Please pray that the blood thinners work quickly and that if there are other clots that they wont go to his heart or brain. 


Please pray with us!! Pray for healing. Pray for me to be strong for Bruce and our kids right now. Pray for all our needs to be met right now, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, practical, and medical.

Blessings in Him,




September 1, 2013

For many months now, along our faith journey, God has been assuring us that we were not to worry about a bus, that He already had one for us, and He would show us in His time! Stretching…YES!!!  But now we are so excited to share with you the amazing story of our bus!!!

Also, for many months, we have had our eyes on buses in the States that run anywhere from $175,000.00 to $250,000.00…well at least the ones we were looking at! (you can pay a lot more if you want to!!)

On our way out of town one day, we ran into Pastor Jim Zondervan at the gas station, and he suggested we talk to a guy in Lethbridge who had a bus for sale. That conversation sparked a whole new avenue for us! We hadn’t thought about purchasing a bus in Canada because we were told that anything we would be needing in a bus was only found in the States. As we started exploring we found out that this was just not the case. The very next day, an opportunity came up for us, for the possibility of a bus that may just be the miracle that we were waiting for!!!!! We went up near Calgary to look at this bus, but it didn’t have room for Rylee and so we knew it wasn’t the one. At that point we were confused and wondered what God had for us and why He had sent us all the way to Calgary.

On our way home from Calgary that day, we stopped in Strathmore, Ab. to have supper. As we were waiting for our meal, we happened to be checking the internet for buses around Calgary…and there was ONE. We decided that we had come this far, maybe we should check it out if it was possible. So Bruce phoned the number and the woman said we needed to talk to the guy who built the bus.

Bruce phoned him and asked about the bus. He told him that we had come up to Calgary to look at one bus today and we figured we may as well check this one out too while we were here. The guy said that we were lucky to catch him because he was just in the yard to get a part and was heading back out to the field. It didn’t sound like it was going to be possible to look at the bus, until we found out that the bus was only 2 miles from where we were parked!! He said he would wait for us before heading back out to the field! (Did I mention that the guy isn’t even from Strathmore…he is from Black Diamond and just ‘happened’ to be in Strathmore for a few days to help his uncle with bailing!)

Well, we spent the next three hours getting to know him, looking at the amazing workmanship of how he and his wife had transformed this greyhound charter bus into a home on the road for their family of 8!! A lot of time, planning, decorating, fixing, thought, money, and love have gone into this bus! She, has an absolute gift for interior design and décor, designing an entire Ikea kitchen in this bus! He, an absolute genius, when it comes to ‘how to make a bus your home’!! You can’t even imagine the fixing, welding, mechanical, electrical, and construction that he and his dad have put into this bus!! 2 years of work!! The bus is equipt with an aqua-hot water system that heats all the bays so that there is in-floor heating throughout the bus…keeping bare feet warm to  -32 degrees!! This bus was intended for a home on the road so their family could get away! And it is amazing!!

How does this happen then, that God would bring our two families together?

Unfortunately, life changes, and sometimes plans crumble, but even through that, God can make good out of hard things. Selling the bus to Bruce and I has brought peace and a comfort to this family and it is actually a blessing for them to know that their bus and all the love and time that has gone into it, will be used for ministry!! Really, I think, it helps them to know that all of their work was not in vain. The blessing for us, we were able to purchase their bus at a very reasonable price that we could afford to pay outright!! And even more of a blessing, we have gained two quite possibly life-long friends!! God is so so good!!!!!

So that is the story of our bus!


Blessings in Jesus,

Bruce and Bonnie