Vision Statement

Tree of Life...for the healing of the nations (Rev. 22:2)

Mission Statement


Tree of Life is a non-denominational Christian mission for the purpose of sharing the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to build bridges for the Kingdom, reach out to those in need, build up the body of Christ, encourage and exhort believers, foster ‘unity in the Spirit,’ inspire healing, and deeply impact the lives of those with whom we meet and minister, for the glory of Jesus Christ.


Tree of Life-Hope Foundation missionaries, seek to fulfill their mission through mobile missionary work, prayer & intercession, speaking, preaching & teaching, praise & worship, songwriting, pastoral counselling, spiritual mentoring, sharing personal testimony, and journeying where there is a need, as the Lord leads and guides. Tree of Life-Hope Foundation missionaries are passionate to share their faith stories, the trials, along with the victories, and the miracles of our Living God! As well, they feel compelled and burdened by the Lord to share a message of humility, deep repentance, and the amazing love, forgiveness, grace, and hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.  

Who We Are

Bruce and Bonnie Rawling are full-time missionaries with Tree of Life- Hope Foundation. They are 'followers of the wind' and friends of Jesus. They live a life of abandoned faith, and they both have a deep passion to share a message of HOPE with the broken world that we live in. So many people in our world are hurting and in need of direction, authenticity, and an abundant life. Bruce and Bonnie have both experienced their share of mistakes, brokenness, and pain; they have both been affected by divorce; they have both been affected by the hurts of our broken world; they have both searched for a long time for a place of belonging; and they have both found the gift…of love, forgiveness, and healing…in the open arms of Jesus.

Bruce and Bonnie have made it their life passion, their life mission, to share their LIFE story with the world: The story of how they found the Way, the Truth, and the Life...Everyone has a story. This is theirs.


Bruce Rawling

Bruce Rawling has been a musician and songwriter for the last thirty years. He has played in many different touring bands within many different genres of music. Bruce also has a passion for praise and worship, and leading others into worship. He has also done extensive work in the recording studio in the capacities of producer, engineer, and as well studio musician. Bruce is a songwriter, and has written songs for various artists, movie soundtracks, film documentaries, and television series. Bruce has operated a business teaching private music lessons for many years as well, and has developed a love for teaching.

Besides the music aspect of his life, Bruce has spent much time volunteering with youth through Young Life of Canada in Taber, AB. Along with his wife, Bruce is co-founder of Tree Of Life-Hope Foundation, where he also fills the roles of Singer, Songwriter, and Stage Manager. Bruce is a Husband, Father, as well a Grandpa. Next to his faith, family is the most important thing to Bruce, and he considers himself truly blessed.


Bonnie Rawling

Bonnie Rawling is a wife, mother of 3 beautiful girls, step-mother to 3 more beautiful girls, and now mother-in-law and grandmother! She has been 'adopted' mom to many, interim foster mom to many, and mentor to many more. Jesus is the most important person in her life, along with her husband and family…including all of her 'adopted' kids!

Bonnie has a versatile educational background, which includes Social Work, First Aid/CPR Instructor, Primary Care Paramedic(PCP), Power Engineer, and Master of Arts-Youth and Family Ministry(MA). Her more recent (last 10 years) vocations have been Youth Pastor, and Area Director for Young Life of Canada in Taber, AB.

For the past three and a half years, Bonnie has served as a mobile missionary in Canada, along with her husband, Bruce and daughter Rylee. Bruce and Bonnie are co-founders of the non-profit organization, Tree of Life-Hope Foundation. Bonnie fills the role of missionary, pastor, speaker, counselor, business manager, and President. Bonnie is also a writer and soon to be, self-published author. Bonnie's greatest passion in life is to 'run the race of her life' as a horse; bridled, submissive, and obedient to her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.